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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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1997 - A year in perspective
[Dec 31, 1997] by Dangermouse - A look at 1997's major happenings, from January right through to December! woo..

1998: The year of art by Dangermouse
(31st December, 1998) What an interesting year it has been. This year marked the return of ANSI to the scene, after last year's dismal fall of the big names... [more]

Abbreviated History of the Underground Computer Art Scene by Napalm
(10th November, 1998) Ever since the birth of the alphanumeric computer display there have been those computer users who have wished to express their individuality... [more]

#ansi culture(?)
[Dec 21, 1997] by Dangermouse - Most of the people that hang out on #ansi like to be called doodleboys or dewdleboys or dewdleb0yz, or whatever variant you can think of..

#ans: headed downhill fast?! by Inazone
Article after article has been written about the lameness of #ansi, the ridiculous number of ops there, and the personal conflicts that have replaced any sign of
intelligent conversation. [more]

The art scene and the web, part I by Dangermouse
(1st December, 1998) No-one could have guessed what impact the emergence of the
world wide web would have had on the underground art scene... [more]

The art scene and the web, part II by Dangermouse
(1st January, 1999) Last month we looked at the 'main-stream' art scene related sites that populate the web waves... [more]

Ascii divisons, where are you? by Black Jack

(3rd October, 1998) For about a full year now, the ansi scene and the ascii scene have almost been totally segregated from each other.. [more]

ASCII, the history of
[06 March 1998] by Necromancer - Ascii Art as an idea coalesced into existence bceause people wanted more. They wanted more than just your standard Hercules display Atari or your Monochrome Commodore 64...

A Cia Conspiracy
[Dec 27, 1997] #cia channel log - A fellow by the name of gzt joins the #cia channel proclaiming its inhabitants clones, etc..

CMC and the Art Scene by Dangermouse
(6th September) The scene has been around for more than ten years now, and in many eyes is still thriving. It is meeting new grounds, and exploring new areas of the Internet to produce works of art. [more]

The Death of Awe Lettering by The Night Angel
(9th February, 1999) I killed it once, in May 1998, because people weren't interested anymore, or so it seemed to be. I was emailing them, but no one was answering... [more]

The DVS Debacle
[Apr 13, 1998] by Dangermouse - I'm sure everyone has heard about the DVS and SOCIETY merger, and ofcourse the now public 'war' between ironghost and cool guy...

Faith in Groups
[June 13, 1998] by DivineStar - I have never been one to discuss faith within groups or from without, but recent statements on the irc channel #ansi have left me to believe that the AvengeCult is just a group...

The History of by Dangermouse
(1st January, 1999) It's hard to believe, especially looking back, that is now two years old, 730 days, etc... [more]

History of by Dangermouse
(5th November, 1998), the artpacks archive, has been with us for almost 2 years under its current banner... [more]

history of the oz scene
[Jan 19, 1998] by Blup - The Australian scene began in the "Dark Ages", of the year 1991 when 9600 baud modems were the best you could buy.

hirez - past to present
[Dec 28, 1997] by Kyo - The medium known as High Resolution Art, or Hirez for short has been a slowly gaining art form since the beginning of the scene.

ICE.. by Spot
(6th September, 1998) It is a name that we all know. And some love. Including myself. I have been a iCE fan since before Avenge was even conceived.. [more]

The impact of hirez by The Knave
[9th august, 1998] I suppose the final surreal days of the deep underground were seen in a period from 1995-1996.

live and let live
[July 05, 1998] by Inazone - Once again, the scene is thriving. There are already "1995 vs. 1998" comparisons being made, but I've noticed that the same old arguments are being rehashed...

my message to the scene
[Nov 1997] by Maestro - 1993.. the year my life changed. it was a warm summer afternoon. i was sitting in my basement playing on the new computer mom and dad brought home...

the net act vs. the artscene
[Apr 15th 1998] by Inazone - I don't know how many artists know (or care) about the NET Act -- I didn't until I read about it over on SceneLink...

New Year's (Low) Resolutions by Inazone
(1st January, 1999) By the time the next wave of artpacks arrive, it will be 1999. As often happens as the calendar changes, so too does the artscene... [more]

resolution revolution
[1997] by Various - The debate over which of two popular artistic mediums, High Resolution VGA and Low Resolution ANSI...

a mouse in sydney
[26th Jan 1998] by Dangermouse - Im writing this article in a perpetual state of slumber...

Scene Under Construction
[June 05, 1998] by Inazone - Could it be? Did all the talk of revitalizing the artscene finally lead to something? Yes, but the growing pains are kicking in again. For the first time in many months, there are packs to review.

The Effect of Technology on the Scene
[Apr 29, 1998] by God Among Lice - The purpose of this paper is to introduce the reader to the online community of what is generally referred to by its members as the underground computer art scene, and to demonstrate the ways in which the adoption of new technology and new interfaces for communication have affected this community...

the savage lands
[Feb 1998] by Kyo - You awaken as the sun's raise fill your eye's with a yellowish glow. Slowly you wipe the sleep out of your eyes and wander over to your computer.

The Sudden Death Scandle
[June 07, 1998] by Dangermouse - By now I'm sure everyone has heard of the executioner's (thext) accusations that Sudden Death, of Avenge and Cia fame, used a gif to ansi convertor to draw his outlines...

Two days in the scene (day one)
[7th Dec 1997] by Sodium - In this pulp fiction style story, we follow the exploits of hired guns Sodium and Ironghost. Very funny and gory :) READ IT NOW!

Warpzine #009 by Warpus
(1st February, 1999) WELL, this is what you've all been waiting for. it's the SPECIAL
anniversary issue of warpzine - warpzine number nine
... [more]

Weighing the world by Skrubly
(1st December, 1998) There was a part in that movie Smoke, about the cigar store, where the guy tells the story about how Sir Walter Raliegh won a bet way back when.... [more]

What a rip snorter! by Dangermouse
(3rd October) It never does cease to amaze me why people continue to rip other artist's styles and work to produce their own work.. [more]

What happened in #ans? by Black Jack
(12th October) Ever since #ans started, there's been contraversy. A second ansi art channel, run by a group?... [more]

what is the scene?
[Jan 1998] by Dangermouse - A question a lot of visiters of this site may ask is indeed, "What the hell is this 'scene' anyhow?" Well, I'm going to try and explain.

Why the Hell Bother Using Gif2ansi? by Dangermouse
(1st January, 1999) Does the picture to the right look familiar? This is, in fact, a picture by Aoh that some of you may or may not have seen... [more]

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