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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  september 1998

> all debates/confs are kept in here..

29 September / BAKA DRUGS / HRG ANIME (bon)
Have to things to announce.

The first is the official release of the HRG BAKA Drugs pack, a solo work by me. Whats the difference, well, it was properly packed this time :) has 3 addition pics and 3 style header pics. (make sure to sort and view by name so thier in the right order). you can pick the pack up at

The second announcment is that I've opened up a subdevision in HRG for anime and manga releated material. All submissions welcome, just send them to

29 September / ASPIRE RELEASES (gwydian)
After over 2 months of waiting, Aspire #3 has finally been released. This is definatly Aspire's best release yet, with more art and more members. You can get it at our website:

28 September / WHODINI RELEASES NEW COLLY (whodini)

Whodini has released "Beat Surrender" a new ascii colly! If you are into ascii, or just want to see some good oldschool ASCII you can download it from

28 September / CIA #56 OUT. (etana)

CIA #56 was unleashed a few days ago, be sure to grab all three disks of this month's conspiracy.
Disk A contains naked pictures of celebrities, ansi, ascii, info and more, disk B contains a list of porn site
passwords, and some amazing VGA artwork, disk C contains photos of Teletubbies in inappropriate situations and
even mroe amazing VGA artwork.

All the packs are available at as cia56-*.zip

Looking for Scrollz? This month the lit/vga/code combo that is Scrollz moves onto the web. Please bear with us
as we make this transition and look for it soon!

26 September / HALLUCIGENIA RELEASES! (etana)
Slipping in just before September runs its course, Hallucigenia releases its 4th pack, (1.1Meg). Also completely viewable at our website,

25 September / ACHERON FUTURE (dangermouse)

I'm starting a little group of people to discuss the future of and where it is heading. If you'd like to be on this list of people, then send an email to sender of this post ;)

Things of issue are a proper message board for the 'discussions', a darker look, mroe scope and scene coverage. All comments and suggests, and of course, help, is welcome.

17 September / MORE ACID GEAR! (rad man)
ACiD caps 'officially' sold out a while ago. Allowing us to move on...

In 2-3 weeks we will unveil our latest invention, ACiD hooded pullover-sweatshirts and beanies, embroidered with the familiar logo.

We will only be making 24 XL sweatshirts in total, and 144 one-size-fits-all beanies.

12 XL sweatshirts will be white.
12 XL sweatshirts will be navy-blue.
144 beanies will be black.

For the navy blue sweatshirts and black beanies we will keep the same color scheme, white outline trim and a forest green fill.

I want your input on what two color combination we should sew on the white pullovers! Send me your feedback for consideration. :)

17 September / DISTANT RELEASE (deceased squirrel )
Distant #2 has released. Back with more good looking ansi's. get the pack from yay!

16 September / ACID BEANIES (rad man)

On October 1st 1998 ACiDgear, the clothing division of ACiD Productions will be unveiling beanies and hooded pullover sweatshirts. More details will be given as they become available.

16 September / UPRISE IS BACK (image)

That was qwik, i had a choise, bring back uprise, and see what damage has been done, or sit back and give up, maestro was right, theres not enuff fighters in the scene, and im no quiter, uprise is back uprise#8 will be released late this month, we lost alot of good members, im not sure if they would rejoin after all this, but i hope they do, i concidered uprise a family a group of friends, more then just art, uprise is back, and thats the main thing, our house has no fallen!, see yas!

16 September / FUNCTION (quip)
Just a note to you scenesters who were wondering:

Due to certain technical problems among the senior staff of Function, the group will not release a September pack, but expect us to be back in October for sure.

More reason to the absence of the September pack will be included in the infofile of the October pack.

14 September / UPRISE DEAD (dangermouse)
Image, leader of uprise, has killed off his group, claiming that bad press, namely from two scene citizens, has given his group little reason for existence.

14 September / LEGION INDUCES HYSTERIA (tgdl)
Legion #6 is a great pack & if you don't have it by now, you should be aware that you are missing out big time. it features amazing work from all your favorites : fever, maestro, reanimator, silver rat, filth, sultan, eerie, & newcomer nail of fire fame! (did that last part sound corny or what?)

it's not a right--it's a responsibility!!!!!

12 September / PURGCON '99 (tr)
The worldwide scene convention is happening and it's called PurgCon '99. All of the details are on our website,, so go and have a look!

10 September / #HIREZ BACK TO NORMAL (atom)

Every thing in #hirez seems back to normal, so no worry now... I talked to rw, he said that the taker was just holding it until someone in controll came back (yeah sure :P)... rw showed one of them his +m on the bot, and they let everyone back in. no worries!

[ed note: in other words it looks like image did not take #hirez?]

09 September / #HIREZ TAKER IP ADDRESSES (mongi)

I got some addresses from the botlog in #hirez of some
guys, which are probably the overtakers. is the guy who actually got ops and deopped everyone. He took the channel in a split.

Other IPs that are suspicious: - opped by IP #1. - got ops the same time as the fist guy in the split.

The first guy was known as [-ST33L-] and l3rk (two users). the second IP was known as Raeg0ol. And the last IP was known as Trev.

I would really appreciate if someone could get the channel back. I
have no idea who they were and why they did it.

09 September / FIRE #33 OUT! (nail)
Some of you might have been waiting for it, some not, it's out anyway...the final combustion with just a few months delay.

Please note that with the last pack we finally made it back to our schedule... released on 09.09., thanks for your patience and for only kicking god among lice from a few channels, not me...

download fire #33

09 September / AWARDS98 (dangermouse)
I suppose a lot of you are wondering what the hell happened to awards98 -- well nothing has. It will be held in early January 1999. The reason for this is that well, we'll get all of 1998 in won't we :)

Also look for an easy voting system based on the web for this event. In around a month the nonimations lists will be placed on the awards98 site, and you can make comments on them -- adding/deleting people, etc..

09 September / #HIREZ2 (dangermouse)

A major topic of discussion in #hirez2 today was the retaking of #hirez, which was taken over by some sorry ass idiot sometime today or yesterday. Woo woo..

08 September / WOEZINE (pogue)

Woezine needs articles, news for their issue #8 which is being worked on.. We only have some articles and these articles wouldnt even fill up a lil text file ;)... give us some respons,articles,news ... the emag isnt possible without YOUR help...

06 September / ICE PACK - SEPT. 4TH (massd)
The iCEPack did come out on the fourth, and as we've been debating a bit around here, it was because of pack quality that it came out the 4th and not the 1st.

We decided to wait for three people to turn in their work, and thus, the pack was born.

We released unforgivably late last month, which was my fault, so now we're back on track to release timely.

Remember guys, there's always another month, and in the big scheme of things, releasing on the first IS important, but we will continue to consider quality/quantity as an issue in addition to timeliness, we believe that is in our best interests.

After all, five years from now when someone looks at the packs, they don't remember if it was on time, but it will remain forever obvious if the pack sucked. =)

--Mass Delusion - iCE Senior Staff

04 September / NEW ICE PACK RELEASED (trip)
Hey everyone.. the new iCE pack (0898) was released a few hours ago. /msg massd xdcc list to get it on irc, and it should be on shortly (it isn't at the moment.. wake up forceten!).

04 September / FOS #10 OUT (inazone)

I think the release of FOS #10 got overlooked here, so if you don't already have it, get it! Lots of goodies this month, including an interview with Silver Rat and a new Editor's Choice for artist of the month: Taintedx! There's also a little story starring Filth, complete with underwear, nuclear warfare, seal-clubbing and more! Plus the usual ansi and hirez reviews, and (unlike #9) some honest-to-goodness articles!

Get it wherever fine adult entertainment products are sold, or just get it from me on IRC.

02 September / ROUTE 666 UP (comatose)

route666 is now up at on a cable modem with 16nodes and 1 dialup node (603-497-3499). its the world headquareres for iniquity bbs software and a big legion board, attached is an add if you would like to use it.

02 September / NEW DARK PACK! (luminous)
The new Dark Illustrated pack has been released! Go leech it from

02 September / AVENGE RELEASES (zeusII)

Stop what you're doing! Drop everything! If you haven't seen Avenge 08 yet, you've missed our best achievement so far! It is now available at: or and xdcc from creator_ on IRC

02 September / HRG #19 IS OUT
(shere khan)
You have read the title... now you have all the reasons you need to go leech the pack from - and don't come saying it's bad, I won't believe you :)

01 September / SOULS #2 RELEASED
Souls has released their second pack, full of good .rip artwork. Get it at:

01 September / OOPS
oopsy, you'll have to excuse my lameness, i tried making an elite link using that href nonsense and i don't think it worked, the url for gutter is


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