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  september 1998 rants

29 September / RE: WHO BLOODY CARES!? (F7)
Isn't it amusing that the most arrogant societies in history are usually those built on land conquered and tamed by those that came way before. Most of you arguing have no CLUE what the scene was like in the past and i'm sure you won't be arround to see what it's like in the not too distant future. The "scene" has been around almost as long as most of you have been alive and I have a strange feeling IT will be here after most of you are dead.

The scene doesn't NEED any of us, as it has become almost an entity unto itself. Do you really think people are mean to newbies now? AhHAhHAHahah your all insane!!! These days at least the newbies have a chance to converse with those in groups... even with those that are in the so called "Top" groups... not so many years ago a newbie couldn't even email people in groups untill he fund his way into the elite areas of BBSland.. that's right.. no IRC.. and most of the really good artists were on elite boards that you couldn't get onto unless you were known or at least knew what you were talking about.. which of course you had no way of knowing unless you had access to those very boards.. the scene was a HUGE catch 22.. and all this during a time when there were relatively few computer users... much less computer users with modems..

Those in power in the scene systematically went about closing off their part of the online world to the very people that wanted to add to it.. to keep it going.. so ya see.. these days newbies have it made.. you have web sites and FTP and IRC and Email.. real email.. not just a local board mail system.. stop complaining.. it is so much easier to learn, join a group and contribute any way you want then it was just a few short years ago... funny thing is.. its a lot easier to get in a group and make some sort of name for yourselves these days, but some of you are so arrogant about it.. without any real reason.. you had it easy.. yer not that great.. with the exception of mr. what was his name Etana? he's been around a long ass time.. but i digress.. everyone lighten up.

You whiners.. shut up.. you ahve it better than most of us old timers.. You arrogant assholes.. your nothing that hasnt been way before you and with a lot more effort.. so piss off. oh.. btw.. if you people are serious.. serious about making it a friendly place for all to be both new and old.. then just do it.. but ya see.. since it IS so much easier to be in contact.. and there ARE a lot more
people, I doubt that's gonna happen.. the larger the society the larger the proportion of bad apples.. oh well.. the scene is still a lot of fun.. or none of you would even be reading this rant.. which in fact was written cause its 5am and I can't sleep =P

Love ya all..

29 September / RE: WHO BLOODY CARES!? (platoonim)
No i'm not jealous that i cant make it into top groups, i'm happy with the group that i'm already in and i consider it a great group... since when did i bash the better groups ?? i hang out in #ans and #avenge and talk to creator and other people all the time.... just there are a whole bunch of peeps out there who aren't suppourtive to newbies to any degree... and without them its kinda putting a halt to the flow of the scene... and as for not seeing any of my work try downloading some packs some time you ignorant shits, thats usually how you find out about most people! =]

29 September / RE: WHO BLOODY CARES!? (silver rat )
All of these scene politics are highly amusing. This scene is based on art and having fun, and it seems like a lot of you have forgotten that. This scene exists on IRC--chat rooms!--for god's sake. It should have no more impact on your real lives than one of AOL's gay chat rooms. The difference between AOL's chat scene and our scene is that we produce something worthwhile, and that makes all the difference. Lets stop this talk of quitting the scene because the big boys make you cry. Go find your place in the scene and enjoy yourself while making art.

28 September / RE: WHO BLOODY CARES!? (maestro)
hi, i'm that dude that you quoted in your rant..

umm.. someone miss nap time? can mommy make you a bottle of some warm milk? or maybe you need your pacifier!

stop being a baby. so what if someone was a snot to you.. be a snot back! if you care that much about what
people think of you that it's going to drive you away from your art, then you really didn't have much of a
passion for it in the first place and that explains why you probably haven't received much recognition.

i am so sick of seeing all the whining. especially when it comes to the whole "i don't get any respect because
i'm not in any of the 'top' groups!" if you don't get respect, i'm betting what group you're in has nothing to
do with it.

27 September / RE: STEALING PHOTOS (ikarus)
I'm a photomanip artist for CIA, and I don't feel bad for using other people's photos at all. Most of the images I use in my works are from either public domain sources such as NASA, and others are from Stock Photo companies, images that I have paid for. Royalty-Free. I WOULD like to use some original photos in my works, but until I get a scanner, can't quite do that. And besides, the few images that I *do* "steal" are pretty fucked up beyond recognizing =)

27 September / RE: PLATOONIM WHO? (dngmouse)
Just you let you know I agree with platoonim to a small degree about how much shit newbies have to put up with to even make it or get to be a good drawer. Sure some people are good at making retorts to snotty people, but some aren't..

You realise that you (quality) are basically doing the very thing that platoonim finds offensive about the scene? The scene has to cycle, and by people being rude and unhelpful towards new comers to the scene is basically stupid. I'd liken it to a trainee at a job getting no help from his superiors, and when he/she does something wrong or says something wrong they are laughed and scorned at -- not a nice feeling..

BTW, I never heard of you (quality) until a couple of months ago, funny that hey? Think about it..

And a note to platoonim.. If people are shit to you and aren't helpful, practice some more.. If they don't give you help, practice some more.. If they're mean, be mean back.. Cause once you're good, you're the one that wins..

26 September / PLATOONIM WHO? (quality)
Newbies, people nobody knows? Who the HELL are you? I've never heard of you. And who cares if you're leaving the scene, you are of no use to it. Why would you post something that bashes the top groups in the art scene. Are ya jealous that you can't draw well enough to get in those groups, and thus have to say negative things about them? Honestly now, pack your bags and get out -- you aren't wanted.

25 September / WHO BLOODY CARES!? (platoonim)
i am writing this because of the serious crap that newbies and basically people that nobody knows
about have to take... We all started somewhere, and we've all had people who've helped us along the way but the scene attitude is "I dont know who you are, you must some lame sob" those people know who they are, and you should know that the scene has to cycle and you acting like you've got a pole so far up your ass wont help.. i've been doing some little tests with another person quite high in the scene and a few different well known scenesters were asked the same sorta things by us two and the differences were just .... bullshit... now i know all of you arent like that, some of you are damn funny and helpful but after the tests i've come to realise that the scene isnt the place i want to be.. its as if just because you havent released in avenge/legion/zenith you arent any good.. because of you fucks up the top... i'm outta here... as some dude said "there are too many quitters in the scene".. as i say "there are too many up emselves pricks in the scene" - take that for a memorable quote! =] Takeovers/bitchz0rs etc etc... who wants to be in a scene like that??? i thank all the people that have been cool to me [ list is heaps long =] ].. i'll still be on for my buddies so you can all abuse me about this article then k ??
cya =]
platoonim .

25 September / RE: STEALING PHOTOS (god among lice)
OK, didn't know that you were complaining about people violating copyrights and such. I suppose that
that is a real issue.

But then, isn't using a pirated version of photoshop also bad? :) My personal feeling is that yes, taking
another's copyrighted photo, and changing it very little for use in your own pic is wrong, probably illegal,
and usually artistically unsatisfying.

But at the same time, consider the person who uses the porn imagery. If they are taking that picture out of
its original context, for example to make some kind of statement about pornography, then as an artist I think
they should go ahead and use it, either by getting permission, or more likely by running the risk of being
caught for it.

Consider the artist's other options: He could try and find a nude model to take a picture of, but I think
that's a little hard to do, perhaps more so for your typical scene artist. Even if he does find a nude model,
doesn't that defeat the original purpose? He's no longer making a statement about pornography; He's now making a statement about pictures of nude models for the purpose of art. You would indeed be limiting your artistic vision by forcing yourself to use original photos.

Of course, if he's only using the porn image to get a rise out of some guy's dick, then you're right, that's

The point here is that photomanip style forces the viewer to examine the context of the images found within a work. Feel free to criticize those who use pornography for pornography, feel free to look at artists and criticize the artistic validity of their borrowed imagery, but do it on an individual basis.

And about sampled music.. I hear all the time about artists having trouble releasing some tracks due to
problems in clearing samples of copyrighted music.. so I think the parallel is still pretty strong.

25 September / HATE MONGOLOID (filth)
This is in response to that silly litte "#ans is ran by a buncha crusifers" or something like that.
you want the skinny? here it is kids..

A certain someone used gif2ansi. so's i busted 'em and then he tries to apply to the legion. he logged off irc
and i publicy joked about it. well then benidic- er i mean bluedevil goes and shows him what i said. so
bluedevil tries to become mother teresa and thinks me, and the rest of #ans are a buncha nazi's becuase someone used gif2ansi, and i took the liberty of bringing it to everyones attention.

I know this is a silly rant, but eh, it beats looking at peoples fake girlfriends in the scene photos.

[ed note: we can all dream can't we? :)]

24 September / BORING (quality)
What's goin on with the scene nowadays guys? I mean, the only news that is being posted are slanderous rants. There has gotta be some more shit happenin' around here. Use Acheron to it's full potential people! Even the slightest little things need to be heard. Maybe Im just extremely bored, but hey, you have to admit that the level of news that is posted on Acheron is swiftly decreasing. Step it up! :)

24 September / JESUS CHRIST ON A PIG POLE (arrogance)
ACK RANT: You people whine more than any of my ex-girlfriends. Stop. It's making my ears bleed. I know both Sarah and Shelley. And no... Saruh (her IRC nick) doesn't really have any relation to the scene, Shelley does. Shelley was a member of PIPE (A lit group founded and run by Whirr, Acolyte and myself). Next you guys will be bitching about "ACK IS WARING A SHIRT IN THAT PIQTURE!@#(*& WHY ARE THERE SHIRT PICTUREZ HERE?!?!" Quit whining. You sound like a bunch of uppity babies. .

24 September / HATEMONGER INC PART II (bluedevil)
Alright Looks like once again I must get on my pedestal and vent my Hatemonging thoughts once again
Several Issues have came up and now well untill I die or things change I will continue to speak my mind.

Well let's start off with the first issue. Let me restate why I was mad to see Zenith die. I was mad to see Zenith die because of one reason, the fact it gave the legion a run for it's money each month and thats it. True tainted x leaving was a factor, but not the entire reason why it died. Now with zenith dead the challenge to the top ansi group in the scene has now tilted back in the legion's favor thus it will remain
unchallenged now.

Ok Issue Number 2

#ans has become a giant lynch mob like those dating back to biblical times, when the pharasee's would stone those who broke jewish law or were to be deemed sinners. Yesterday I saw the entire chanell mob to people. Sure these people have done some bad things but they were caught so why keep whipping a dead horse. An then the fact that it took more than one person to shun this person only signifies that if ou do not go with the popular belief in there , then you are a outcast. However me being a tyranical person I can live with a mob against me so do what you want but don't get mad when I step in front of your rocks and take the heat off.

Issue # 3

It also seems that we are now more involved with making accusastions, exposing frauds, and everything else but what really matters, the art. How many more will be driven away by the accusations, I sure as hell know no one new will want to come in to a scene where everyone is always questioned about there art and the original fact that we do this because hey we do it for the fun of it has been lost and the concerns on things lie elsewhere So let's all have fun doing art and stop pointing fingers

This Has been Blue Devil with Hatemonger INC. (tm)
As always if you disagree with me find me on irc and bitch me out

23 September / RE: STEALING PHOTOS (mongi)
The analogy of a DJ isn't accurate. If he's mixing different beats, most of them are free sounds to use. Photos are mostly copyrighted. I doubt many artists on the scene have asked the owner for permission. There are of course a lot of free photos, but I surely NOT porn! I don't mention any names here, but there have been a lot of those the last couple of months.

23 September / RE: STEALING PHOTOS (god among lice)
In response to the issue of using original photos for manips...

It's my opinion that the essence of photomanip is not in the individual images found within the greater picture, but rather the arrangement and composition of the piece. A photomanip artist should be concerned more with the juxtaposition of the elements within the picture. I see little point in taking the time to compose a nice photo of a subject, when you are only going to strip the photo apart and/or place it out of its original

Surely, taking original photos does help greatly in that it gives you a wider range of material to choose from,
but if you can find what you're looking for without taking your own photos, that's fine as long as you're the one doing the composing, and not the original photographer.

An analogy: DJ Shadow probably sucks as a drummer. His genius lies only in his ability to arrange the drums and sounds that others have created.

21 September / THE SCENE: ENJOY IT ALL (zeusII)
Hi. Zeus II here, i'd just like to mention how groups like distant, uprise, ecolove etc are important to this scene aswell. Do not ignore their existance nor their work, but rather support and enjoy their achievements. As a big fan of ansi artpacks of any kind i like em whether they're on the top 5 lists or not.

So get off your asses and download some art packs! Dont just sit there with legion06 and ignore the rest....

21 September / STEALING PHOTOS (mongi)
Don't people get ashamed of stealing others photographs in their photomanips? There are LOADS of artists on the
artscene that doesn't take their own photos. Some even steal pr0n pics!

Go take your own photos, or don't make photomanips at all!

19 September / RE: HATEMONGER INC (inazone)
I think I speak for several people with what I say here... one of those people who really liked Zenith, but also are glad to see Taintedx join Ice. Maybe that's limited to Ice members, but here's the way I see it.

Zenith certainly has (had?) more than just Tainted releasing ansi every month. And I have to believe that Egoteq has the skills to run a group on his own. No group with more than two members should depend on one indivdual to keep the group alive. That math just doesn't add up. Yes, Taintedx was THE big name in Zenith, but his absence *shouldn't* kill the group. Great leaders have left groups before without the group dying, and artists certainly come and go.

I'm not picking on BlueDevil here; I've seen the comments on IRC, blaming Taintedx for "abandoning" his group. But the vast majority of artists out there have left one group for another, so condemning one person for doing it is hypocritical. Hell, I've done it...and I KNOW I'm not alone.

inazone/ice ansi coord

17 September / RE: WOE WHAT? (rad man)
I think this is a real cop out sort of response. If you make some mistakes, sure big deal. But in general you really should take pride in your work and make it something other people will WANT to be a part of and write for. Besides that, spell-checkers are a dime a dozen.

17 September / RE: UMM (rad man)
I totally agree with Maestro on this one.

There should not be random pics of teenage girls addressed by their first name on the "scene photo gallery". If they're a part of the scene then a handle is much more appropriate to match the face.

No need to dispute how involved someone is in the scene to justify their picture online -- but showing someone and scribing "Shelley" underneath is a bit silly, IMHO.

[ed note: those examples actually are their online nicks]

17 September / HATEMONGER INC (bluedevil)
So Image killed uprise, Do I feel bad? Hell no. It's about time people start being held accountable for their actions. AN if someone has to tell it how it is then so be it, I will be that person. Image may have not taken hirez but I got plenty of logs of him loading his nifty bot net in and out of hirez in the last few weeks, and the fact that on several occasion he has tried to spoof and exploit certain people in that channel, he is guilty as hell eitherway.

Ok moving right along Zenith is dead and tainted x has gone to ice. Well I was going to put up a big hatemonging article about how things are with the ansi scene but let's face it when the road gets tough, the trendy thing to do now is sell out, quit your group and go join the other team. All I have to say its a waste, Zenith had potential, they were the only group so far that has given Legion a run for it's money each month since they started releasing. Oh well I guess that's how things are, at least he will be happy in ice. Reasons why zenith died, who knows, certainly people care I'm sure about it. Some say it's because the legion is overwhelming and by sucking up every artist that has talent or is from the past and adding it to there number. The only thing that is now for certain is the chokehold on the ansi competition was just tightened, Anyhow more power to ice, and certainly more power to the legion. Now who's gonna stop them?

On a side note in a chivalrious act I have to commend crimson skye leaving avenge to goto rca to distribute ansi talent across the board by doing this he has promoted good health for both groups and this action should be looked upon as being good form and the right thing to do. Keeping ansi alive by making ansi in all groups thrive.

This has been the hatemonger bd reporting. If you don't like it feel free to bitch me out on irc thank you

16 September / RE: WOE WHAT? (ikarus)
Woezine is a pretty damn good bbs modding/art scene related mag that is pretty well known in the modding scene at least. You're yelling about spelling (woah rhyme!) ? Pogue is euro and shit, so he might not get a few words spelled right, BIG FUCKING DEAL! Woezine roxors, now everyone go write for it =).

15 September / IMAGE A QUITTER? (maestro)
Just to clear something up, the only reason i posted that news about image taking over #hirez was because he told me he did. i figured he was a pretty good source but whatever.

ANYWAY, i'm a bit dissapointed to see image just give up and quit like that because of "bad press". i've been involved with this game a LONG time and i've definately had my share of bad press but i really could give a shit what anyone says because i know what i love and i know what i believe in and that is all that matters to me. you don't need to please anyone but yourself and that's something alot of you need to learn. if i gave up everytime some jealous zenith member bad mouthed me and the group, i'd have given up a billion times by now. =)

i could have just given up and quit but instead i chose to make a difference and look at the scene now. how many people do you hear crying about ansi being dead now? how many artists are drawing again? how many new groups have formed?

there aren't enough fighters in the scene and that is what will ultimately do it in if you candy asses don't replace your skirts with a good pair of pants.

14 September / IMAGE IS INNOCENT (mongi)
I don't know Image very well, and I might be wrong.

I've been looking through the bot-log in #hirez (bot = Hirez). From what I can see Image was kicked along with the others in the channel. Then Hirez got kicked. As far as I can see he did not take the channel.

As I said, I don't know Image, I've been judging this from the botlog, which I think is a pretty secure information source.

11 September / UMM (maestro)
Umm, who the hell are all these people i'm seeing in the photo section? there are like pics of girls that i don't think have anything to do with the scene or maybe i've just lost touch with what's been going on. i do however think it's lame to scan in a pic of some girl you might have a crush on and post it in the "scene photo gallery"..

[ed note: doodleboys have to have other forms of entainment besides warez, pron and drugs.. :) but seriously, most of the girls on the page hang out in the #ansi channel, and some have drawn a long time ago.. it's a scene photo gallery, and well, if they hang out in the scene channel, then thats good enough for me.. Anyone is welcome to debate this issue -- should people who don't draw, but hang out in the scene channels be allowed in the gallery?]

11 September / UPRISE THE NEXT SOCIETY (bluedevil)
Well it's my first post in a long while here on acheron,
I wish it could be something happy but It looks like the truth must be faced and the new problem must be taken care of.

Ok by now I am sure you have heard that Image took #hirez, An then continued to threaten to take #ans.

Not even a year has passed but it looks like uprise is gonna be the next Society. Society was a fairly decent art group at one time but once they started to go downhill they began pointing fingers at other groups and then lost the concept of what being a group was. They turned into nothing but a bunch of packet warriors and
takeover kiddies. Artist in this group were branded and dealt with accordingly.

All I have to say to the uprise artist is this, Either one or two options are now viable for you. 1. Quit uprise now before your name is tainted with Image's immaturity, his type of behavior is unacceptable and will be dealt with, He will be black balled down the road from the scene and guilt by association will bring the same justice that will be dealt to him will be brought to you. Or # 2 Take image out of the leadership position in your group, a leader doesnt use his group to play his one personal battles, An if he does then he is using uprise as nothing but hired muscle, if you truly value your group you will take him out of leadership.

Now I will Speak to Image.

Taking #hirez was a big mistake in itself, then threatening to take #ans only has helped nail the coffin shut. You have no respect for the current scene leaders, Maestro, Creator, ect. this kind of behavior is unacceptable, true they may have egos, true you might
not get along, but by showing no respect at all in public for them you will now feel the masses crowding around to beat you down. You have to be the most two faced person I know, your enemies at one point with someone but then when you can exploit them you make them
buddy buddy.

The scene has no place for trash like you. If I was you I would crawl into a hole and not resurface until you can act properly in the scene. True you may be able to take channels but people always find a way, taking a channel will not kill a group it will only make communication difficult. By playing this game you have now lowered yourself as the new "society" person. Because you can't get what you want you blame others for your lack of getting the job done. I may be one man, but So help me every channel I have ops in I will now boot you from everyone.

I Do not take threats lightly, Especially from some no talent take over kiddie like you. You have made your threat so be it, I promise you this, you can not keep me down, Even if you manage to take everything from me, others will take my place. Your kind will be stopped, It's all just a matter of time. In the end your little games will have done nothing more than wasted energy and time, you have made your group the new laughing stock of the scene, I just hope for your
sake your members are more forgiving then me.

10 September / DEFENCE (image)
Hi, this is the quote from a article i read on acheron
about the taking over of #hirez

(maestro said)
Just so you guys know, it was Uprise "mastermind" image that took over #hirez. He also tried to take over #Ans today. Hey uprise guys, I think it's time you had a little talk with your so called "leader" about his behavior and the absoloute LAME example he's setting. He's really making Uprise look BAD. Maybe he should put more time into running the group and drawing ansi as opposed to taking over channels.

well, your asking did i take hirez, well god i might as well of, I've been blaimed enuff for it, even my so called friends think i did, well heres another article i seen by erm, dngrmouse or something

(archeron) is the guy who actually got ops and deopped everyone. He took the channel in a split.

Other IPs that are suspicious: - opped by IP #1. - got ops the same time as the fist guy in the split.

The first guy was known as [-ST33L-] and l3rk (two users). the second IP was known as Raeg0ol. And the last IP was known as Trev.

Nice my name still not mentioned now take a close look at the ips, i am australian meaning i start with 203., now tell me HOW did i take it, the real answer is i didn;t! i was helping mr_eh get back the channel, but then a server split, which we couldn't get on, some dude in #netsplit said, anyone want any channels this guy was "trevor" "trev" 2 alias's because of nick collision, now mr_eh opened his big mouth and said HIREZ! meaning 5 mins later hirez was taken over, people have logs, will they submit to acheron to clear my name, cause as it is, i look guilty cause of rumours and not of facts,... guys be sure before you publicise something, one day it will get you in trouble!


10 September / IMAGE GIVES UPRISE BAD NAME (maestro)
Just so you guys know, it was Uprise "mastermind" image that took over #hirez. He also tried to take over #Ans today. Hey uprise guys, I think it's time you had a little talk with your so called "leader" about his behavior and the absoloute LAME example he's setting. He;s really making Uprise look BAD. Maybe he should put more time into running the group and drawing ansi as opposed to taking over channels.

08 September / WOE WHAT? (airbrush)
What the hell is WOEZINE? I take it that "pogue" is the
editor of this unknown ezine? If that is the case, the way to get people to write articles for your tiny project is not to post something with 500 spelling/grammar mistakes in it. That doesn't make you look like a very competent editor, does it? God people..

08 September / #ANSI (filth)
I just wanted to say that ansi will never die. so despite what you nobodys in #ansi say, you will never beat us.

06 September / ACID (michaelangelo)
Okay, reall now, what the hell is going on with ACiD
these days?

45 days late with ACiD71? Come on, that's sickening. I see we have another Fire forming. For a group that prides itself on being the best VGA group in the scene, ACiD sure as hell doesn't live up to its reputation. ACiD maintains that they are the best hirez group in the scene, but they loose the blender to iCE, and god knows that there are just as many (in my opinion, more) people that favour iCE as the hirez leader. Don't blame this absolutly disgusting display of unpuncuality on "quality control issues" because that's bullshit. Your artists are just lazy, and extremely unorganized. Oh, and releasing 8 hirez pics doesn't suffice as a pack... that's more like a signature collectoin of silverware or some shit. Get off your asses and release!

04 September / RE:COME ON BOYS (inazone)
While I realize that yes, Mass Delusion did say the Ice pack would be on time this month, it doesn't always work that way. He didn't do the packing this month, so it was beyond his control. The fact is, sometimes things don't always get done when you might want simply because something more important comes up, artists are running late or things just didn't happen as fast as planned.

People need to realize that some of the groups with a large number of members and/or several divsions sometimes have to make concessions for their individual members' schedules, workloads, etc. While I wish that every pack came out on time, sometimes it doesn't work that way. FOS and Gutter were both around a week behind schedule, even without dozens of members to wait for. Sometimes it just happens that way.

I realize that Marquee wasn't looking for a fight, but since this debate continues, I figured I'd point these reasons out. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, school, work, family and other responsibilities have to come first. And when figure that those apply to everyone, not just the person compiling the pack, there are plenty of reasons for delays.

inazone(ice ansi coord).

03 September / COME ON BOYS (marquee)
Come on guys. I thought that extremely small debate on pack qualyt vs. punctuallity flared some sort of ... uhh.. stuff inside! Apparently not. What's up with the packs once again? ACiD seems to have gone bi-monthly, and iCE is going on 4 days late with their pack, after a public statement from MassD that the pack would be on time this month. What's up guys? I mean, I know im not in either of these groups, and you probably don't give a fuck about what I think.. but I know that a lot of people wait for the quality artwork that you guys produce, and when it's constantly late, it just gets sort of frustrating. Im not trying to start anything here people, im just stating my opinion, whether you agree with it or not.

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