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  january 1998 (ascii)

The Upright Man, hailing from Remorse/ACiD ascii, quit the scene. Upon his departure, he released a compilation of his work, along with a few words about his experience in the ascii scene. His pack, entitled MyDeath, along with his final work in the Remorse pack, was met with praise by some, apathy by others, who were not pleased to see another ascii artist quit the scene prematurely.

Saturday War, a newschool/oldschool ascii competition has been created by martz of Deg65 and black jack of Remorse. Held in #satwar on Efnet every Saturday, the oldschool portion will go from 2:00pm to 3:00pm, EST, the newschool from 3:30pm to 6:30pm EST. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Spies Ascii, headed by martz, died after releasing its 3rd pack. martz, who was not available for comment at the time this was written, is said to be heading a project named Degenerate 65, along with Midnight Judge (mjay).

TWO new groups have been created, once again proving the resilience of the ascii scene. Ruckus Ascii, led by kayozz, is primarily an oldschool group, and has already released two packs. Satire, created by anarkzz and insight, released their first pack, and promises a killer second one.

-- meatpod [ascii correspondent]


ascii news for january 1998..

10 Jan
Cyberia!AsciiMag issue one is out,and with a bang,grab your copy from #ascii on EfNet or goto to find Cyberia and other great scene releated shist...

Cyberia #2 is due out the end of January..If you'd like to contribute -Art,Articles..ect- Write to Cyb3ria@HotMail.Com....Or reach me at Palmore@HotMail.Com

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