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  january 1998

26 Jan
After a very long delay, Inazone is releasing issue #5 of Fistful of Steel magazine. After that, preparations begin for the mid-March 3rd anniversary issue, marking the March 1995 birth of the artgroup-turned-magazine FOS. The anniversary issue will include articles and interviews from the first five issues, art from the early days of FOS, and all-new artwork from several ansi "legends". Guest artwork and articles are welcome, so contact Inazone ( if you would like to contribute.

24 Jan
oOze 3 is apparently in the works from Australian art scenesters Maeve Wolf and noted logo artist, sq2 of iCE. The third issue was originally meant to be out in March of last year, but for unknown reasons the issue never saw the light of day.. Look for the new issue soon!

20 Jan
Savage Cow is rumoured to be starting a group in an attempt to overthrow farmer Joe. It also rumoured that the group will be allying itself with a rogue band of chickens, also wishing to escape their egglaying slavery..

19 Jan
New group out.. called SeNsE. we are looking for new members... either ansi or ascii it doesnt matter. -- if you are interested email either or keep the scene alive.. thanx awl.. -Project X (or HeXD on iRC)

14 Jan


Fuel is dead.
And it's no surprise.
We had no member activity left.. only about 4 guys drawing.
We had a strike of bad luck.. our seniors went inactive, plus the tragedy with Nightdee.
We don't blame anyone for this.
So we ended up with no other choice but to kill the group.
There might be a "" (or something) site coming up later.
I wasnt in the group for long, so i'm not gonna sit here and talk about past times, cuz i weren't in 'em.
Have a nice day.
/Zeus II, ex fuel ansi div leader.

[ed note: I don't know how many groups this leaves active in the world, or at least in the US scene, but for shit sake, someone do something.. We've lost two major groups in the last two months..]

#ansi was taken over for the last 3 days by cool_g, the artist stating that he wants to see a better #ansi for the scene, it being more ansi orientated, to prolong the life of the medium..

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