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  february 1998 (groups)

For those of you who might've been asking questions like "where the fuck is the awe pack?", the answer is pretty easy: we haven't released this month. Pretty much because we had been releasing late for the last few months. So by now, we should be releasing on time.

- the night angel / grindstoned


group news from Avenge for february..

there's been a major change in avenge!

We have a new team of leaders: Creator, ZeusII and SdnDeath. The reason for this is that we just didn't believe whitetrash was the right leader for us. I would like to stress that we hold _no_ grudge against him whatsoever. Changes are being made as we speak, the group is different in its ways. And needless to say, wee need ansi artists. Apply if you feel you qualify. We're releasing a txt file about this.. read that for more info

and remember, Ansi will never die support the scene.
/Zeus II - avenge 1998


group news from Dark Illustrated for february..

Dark Illustrated Releases [Jan31/98]
------------------------- [1/4] [ 341k] [Ansi] [2/4] [1156k] [Hirez] [3/4] [1220k] [Music] [4/4] [1606k] [Hirez]

General Statements
Let the Six Pack begin!

We welcome in 98 with a new style. Continuing with the excellence our artists are known for, we decided to add a little twist to their craft. Each member was requested to expand into a media type not yet mastered to themself. Ansi artists are experimenting with vga, while vga artists are mastering programming just to name some of the quirky moves.

With artists grumbling in the background we swifty defeated their armies of complaints, only to snicker and laugh at their newly (de)formed art. Perhaps in time our artists may in fact release media outside of their own native waters on a regular basis.

But perhaps in time, cows will rule the world.

Artistic talent is sometimes needed to be expressed differently and released differently in order to fully understand what you do. Doing the same task over and over again tends to drive boredom into the thoughts of those who turn into slaves at the mercy of their art. From a chaotic state into nirvana, from uniformity into frenzy, we have created something extraordinary.

Though most deemed this merely as an excercise in 'fun', many stood with arms wide open to the thought of a challenge. Of course, no one would ever call what we've done a challenge. It's strange to realize but all we ever have are victories. However, this pack is not an excercise. It's more like someone opening another window to us and showing us the new view.

- oxygene [head coder]

Dark News

We have recieved numerous comments and suggestions about the reduction of our pack size. The issue remains up in the air currently as discussions still produce points for each side. The idea would be to release an ansi only pack, and a separate multimedia pack (vga/music/coding), while allowing the option to grab the whole deal.

Work on the WHQ continues after taking a small break for some of our members who are doing the design of it. No opening date is set, however, it is rumoured that it's done, with the only effort right now being placed to serious modifications of the layout, and additions.

A massive release from our coding department is slated tentatively for a February pack release date. Seeing as our coding department has been wrapped up in this production, we know that we will not disappoint. This will be an addon release to the regular pack only due to the size of the program and associated files. The web site will contain more information about this when the time comes, so keep your eyes open! Remember folks... Tentative ;)

Feel free to check out some of the amazing addons to our web site at, which is running better than ever we might add. Obtaining our own server, and administration rights, we have expanded our resources to such exciting things like DarkView/NET, which is our newly developed online pack viewer. Also feel free to check out some of the members pages.

Member Updates

We lose two very special members from the ranks of Dark Illustrated this month. As sad as we are to watch them leave, we offer them the best with their new directions in life.

Burnout steps down as VGA head in order to take care of personal matters. In his place he leaves Acidic Soap, who will do an excellent job. Burnout does intend to return to the ranks once his life is sorted out. No doubt he'll come back better than ever, as well as slightly heavier... *snicker*

One very important and age old member leaves us too. Xypher Matryx bids a fond farewell after 5 long years in the ranks, both as a member, and most noteably as Senior Staff. Taking matters in his own hands, Xypher Matryx intends to tackle the world head on. Hope he has _lots_ of asprin :)

Take care punks.

As some leave, some rejoin. We welcome aboard The Green Hornet from his time away from us. uvel0city, Alla Xul and Grindstone also join up in the ranking. Of course we'll see some amazing work down the line from these artists ;)

And we welcome back Holocaust. The cheeky thunder monkey himself ;) Look for some ruff artwork from him soon...

A minor clerical error was found in last months member list. moomin13 was regretfully misplaced in our vga department list. Apologies from the staff.

A late addition also failed to notice our beloved Warpus for the past few months too. Err...

*** oxygene sets mode +asskick <staff*@*!*>

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