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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  february 1998

26 Feb
Theres a new channel called #anskee on efnet.. It is aimed not at 'eliteness', but rather at the fundamentals of the scene.. check it out..

26 Feb
Alright. in the past A group named sense was surfaced as it was pretty much only a local group. me (HeXD) and one of the founders have decided.. we no longer want to just be LOCAL!. we are looking for members to join, as pretty soon it will only be me and Scrye (the Founder) i know in the past sense hasnt been the best. however. in the artpacks I fserved, neither me, Nor Scrye had anything submitted. Please help us make this group good. if you are interested Contact me, or

25 Feb (mistigirs founder)
his Sunday (March 1st) the Blender re-establishes itself as a grand scene tradition. Be in #blender on the EFNET at 4:30 PST (7:30 EST) for a FIVE-HOUR scene compo.

It's tag-team, which means that you work in teams of up to four people that you're in a group with. A group can enter more than one team, and lots of points are being given out for first, second and running up places, so it's actually prudent.

It's being run by Cthulu of Mistigris, and further Blender info can be gotten at

so BE THERE or the scary bearded man (see the photo gallery) will be after your ass!

24 Feb
thedvsprOject is alive and kicking? If you remember the dvs project was evil eernies group which later became vapor then united and what not. It has opened up the ascii and vga division. The pack will be out on march 1st (the ides of march =)). People involved are Evil Eernie (pres), Iczer-1, Bay, Nuke Dreamer, Cardiac, Spear, Jedite, Mode7 (ascii Coordinator) and there are many other. Also i mode7 have put together a comic comming out everymonth if not featured in dvs it will be in quab's emag! thedvsprOject

24 Feb SCOOP!
You want a bloody scoop, here's one for yer! FUEL, thought to be dead is in fact alive and kicking, with 7 members.. Apparently the art group will be releasing a vga only artdisk around the 15th of April.

This FUEL may essentionally be the same members as before, but no details have yet come to surface. The only thing clear at the moment, is that the current members want to distance themselves from the American Scene.. But be rest assured, it'll still be one kick-ass release come April.

22 Feb
Kyo has joined the acheron staff, as the Hirez Co-ordinater.. Having contributed on a regular basis in the past, this posisition comes as no real surprise.. Look for new submissions from the artist in the future..

20 Feb
As noted earlier, Fistful of Steel #6 (3rd anniversary release) is coming in March. In addition to the usual articles, it will be featuring an ansi gallery. Unknown to the vast majority, FOS released artpacks for 2 years before becoming the emag it is today, so selected "vintage" FOS artwork will be included, as well as new art from returning members Estatic (aka Elusive, ex-CiA/FOS) and Catphish (aka Offset aka Jazzman, ex-FOS).

In addition to art by past and present FOS members, guest submissions are welcome! FOS promotional pieces by ts, Stone the Crow, Kadaver, Trip & Toon Goon, Tetanus & Sq2 and others will be gracing the pages of issue #6. If you would like to join in, send submissions to; RIP, hirez, ascii and article submissions are also encouraged...we would like to see every medium represented.

15 Feb
Fistful of Steel #5 is out! It includes interviews with Trip and Lord Jazz(Oned), tutorials by Inazone and mHz, and other goodies. Guest article by Mongi, with cover by Inazone and Retribution. Next month: the 3rd anniversary issue! To get the latest issue or to submit guest art/articles for next month, e-mail or look for inazone- on IRC.

12 Feb
From the news desk of pX:

a man walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist for a box of condoms.. after paying, the guy walks out laughing loudly.. the next day he comes back, and gets more condoms,.. and proceeds to laugh loudly towards the pharmicist as he purchases.. the pharmicist tells his assistant to follow the guy next time to see what is going on.. because the man seemed very suspicious.

so the next day, the guy comes back to buy condoms.. and he is laughing as the pharmicist sells them to him again, so the assistant follows the pharmicists orders and follows the man from the drug store..

so the assistant comes back 20 minutes later.. "so did you follow him?" asks the pharmicist.. "Yup." "where did he go?" "Your house.."


President Clinton looks up from his desk in the Oval Office to see one of his aides nervously approaching him. "What is it?" Asks Clinton.. "It's the abortion bill Mr. President..What do you want to do about it?" The aide asks.. "Go ahead and pay it.." Says the president.


An old man is sitting on his porch one morning when a little boy walks by with some chicken wire.. "whatcha gunna do with that chicken wire?" asks the man.. "I'm gunna get me some chickens!" replies the little boy.. "hah.. damn you fool.. you can't catch chickens with chicken wire!" excalims the old man.. Oddly enough, the boy is walking home that evening with about 30 chickens cought up in the chicken wire..

so the next day, the boy walks by with a roll of duct tape.. and the old man sees him and asks "where yougoing with that duct tape?" and the boy says "i'm gunna catch me sum ducks!" "hah, you damned fool, you can't catch ducks with duct tape.. damn ytou boy.." sure nuff, the boy comes home later on with the tape unravled and 35 ducks attached to it..

the next day, the old man sees the boy walknig down the street carrying a long reed.. The old man asks "hey boy, whats that you got there?" and the boy tells him calmly, "them pussy-willows" .. "wait up!" syas the old man, "I'll get my hat.."


this old lady has a problem. so she goes to the local priest and tells him that she has two talking female parrots, but they only say "hi.. we're prostitutes.. wanna have some fun?" "it's awful!" says the old lady.. the priest agrees, but says "i think i have a solution to the problem.."

"i have 2 male parrots that i have taught to pray and read the bible.. maybe if we put them in a cage together, my parrots can teach your female parrots well.." so the lady says ok..

so the next day, the lady brings her two female parrots to the priests house and sticks them in the cage with his two male parrots.. the priests birds were holding rosary beads and praying in the corner of the cage..

the female parrots immediatley said "HI! we're prostitutes.. wanna have some fun?" and then one male parrot let out a loud *SKWAQ* and said "frank! put down your beads and close your bible.. our prayers have been answered!@!"


a guy walks into a bar with his pet alligator and places it on the bar top.. he faces the crowd and says "if i open this alligators mouth and stick my balls in there for 5 minutes and then take them out unscratched, will each of you buuy me a drink?" the crowd agrees to take the challange.. so the man unzips his pants and sets his sack in the alligators mouth..

the alligator then closes his mouth and the crowd gasps! 5 minutes later, he takes a beer bottle and smashes it on the alligators head, and it opens it's mout, sure nough, the guy takes his balls out unscratched..

so after his first round of drinks were boughten, he asks "anyone else have the guts to give it a try?" After a few moments of silence, a blonde woman timidly speaks up..

"i'll do it" she says, "but NO hitting me on the head with the beer bottle.."

12 Feb
After a long delay, acheron has been updated.. Due to dangermouse's internet account expiring, and his modem in the process, plus his computer, acheron was not updated for nearly two weeks.. Sorry for the inconvenience..

07 Feb
Just wanted to say that neon#2 is out tomorrow

neon#2 is out Sunday, FEB 8th, 21:00 CET, / 15:00 EST , ON IRC OR ON OUR WEBPAGE:




random rumours from spook forfebruary..

dngrmouse was seen leaving m_mouses house early one morning (neighbors report loud noises coming from the house all night).. this either proves that M_Mouse and Dngrmouse are having mad animal sex, or that dngrmouse goes through painful morphing to become m_mouse, and vice-versa (ever wonder why they're never on together at the same time?

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