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  february 1998 (ascii)

Following the trend set by the ansi scene months ago the ascii scene is becoming smaller and more inactive as of late, meaning that news is not as plentiful as it once was.

A lot of people have talked about reviving the ansi scene lately and to some extent it seems to have worked. Unfortunately people begged for others to "revive" it when it had essentially died, don't let that happen to the ascii scene. If you've never drawn ascii, start experimenting. If you don't like the existing groups and are somewhat reputable start your own group. Show some sort of enthusiasm, because once everything dies off it'll never be the same. Anyway, here's the news.

Cain killed Kwest and it unofficially merged with Odelay, meaning that most of the active members joined Odelay.

The Prodigy officially resigned from his commanding position in Odelay, citing a lack of enthusiasm for the group as his main reason for leaving.

Discofunk and Konami have taken over as the leaders of Odelay. They will put the pack together, write the newsletter, etc.. from now on.

Tyrone is basically dead. After a long run as the ascii scene's premier emag Empty (the coordinator of Tyrone) has vanished and the chances for another release in the future look slim.

Cyberia, an ascii related emag run by Palmore has stepped up to fill Tyrone's shoes. The emag contains interviews, pack reviews, articles, quotes, and other stuff.

Tum has left the scene. After resigning from his senior position in Remorse Tum said he would no longer be part of the scene in order to focus on college.

Dark has finally given Holocaust permission to start an ascii department. It is called Hive.

Remorse and Odelay both released this month.


ascii news from meatpod for february 1998..

Sargon, the former leader of the now-dead supergroup Serial!Ascii, returned to the scene this month, after a long hiatus. Upon his re-entrance, he joined Remorse!Ascii under a pseudonym of a pseudonym, and will be known as Dick Gobbler during his tenancy therein.

Ruckus!Ascii, headed by Kayozz, has died after releasing two packs. Yet again, another group becomes example of poorly considered consequences. Want to start a group? THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING, geniuses.

On a similiar note, Satire!Ascii, headed by Anarchist, has died after releasing two packs. A third pack, a farewell of sorts, is in the works. For those of you interested in learning more about Satire's demise, Anarchist has written some text on the matter for Many of Satire's senior staff members immediately joined Odelay!Ascii, leaving the number of major, releasing ascii groups left in the global scene at TWO. Do something, people.

Odelay itself seemed to be briefly on the verge of collapse this month, when a prospected merger with Cain's long-dormant group Kwest!Ascii fell through at the last minute. Prodigy, the co-founder, killed the group after the fail of the merger and is currently in some form of retirement from the scene. Fortunately, Konami, Prodigy's long time friend, and the other head of Odelay, quickly revived the group, and, with the help of the senior staff, managed to bring the group to new heights of power and stability.

-- meatpod (ascii correspondent)

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