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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  august 1998

> all ranting is kept in here (including debates)
> read the responses to the pack quality debate
> responses to WARNING!

31 August / GUTTER 4 = OUT (filth)
like a virgin, touched for the very first time. like a viiiiirgin, when yer heart beats, next to mine. dl gutter 4 at it's elite web page!@

30 August / ACHERON UPDATES (dngrmouse)
Acheron is updated every week, but usually only with links, irc channels and the like. Every month, on the first day, a new 'issue' will come out with major updates to the galleries, articles, interviews, and the rest of it..

August / IMPULSE FINAL (horrid)
Well i'm done with impulse. get the source and the last release. eat it.

29 August / SHARP RELEASE (tissue)
Sharp01 was released 2 days ago, you can pick it up on ansSRV.

28 August / AWARDS 98 (dngrmouse)
Awards 98 nominee lists will be put up on the Awards 98 site around mid-September, watch this space! The ceremony/irc party of sorts will be the last two days of the weekend of October.

The actual awards will be a little something different, but you'll have to wait to see what they are..

26 August / WHY SKRUBLY'S LIT IS GOOD (atom)
<skrubly> You wanna hear something gross?
<skrubly> I heard about this guy the other day that sucked chunky-style peanut butter out of a dogs ass.
<skrubly> Actually, that's not as gross as I thought.
<skrubly> But the dog had pus-filled boils, too, and some of them became irritated and burst.
<skrubly> So the guy had pus from these boils, and the dog was loving it so much that he's kickin the guy in the head and shit.
<skrubly> I'm actually just making this up right now.
<skrubly> um, and let's see, oh yea, the dog ate corn before this happened...
<skrubly> meanwhile he's getting tea-bagged by this really, really old woman..
<skrubly> With stretch marks in all the wrong places.

* Skrubly is glad to be of service.

<skrubly> This would make for quite a frightening jpg.
<skrubly> Maybe I'll write a story about it instead.

arent we glad he doesnt draw that much? From all of us in #hirez skrubs... keep your thoughts to yourself before large meals :)

The newest CIA Conspiracy (#55) has been released! Check out all 4, yes, 4 parts. The packs can be found via dcc on IRC in #cia from napalm or other members or for a faster and easier transfer ftp to and grab cia55-*.zip ! Check for a new site coming soon with tons of information and goodies.

Cia Conspiracy Pack Breakdown: - Cia Ansi, Ascii from the Hazmat crew, and this month's info/member listing. - Cia Highres kickin it, part 1. - Cia Highres kickin more, part 2. - Cia's Literary Magazine: Scrollz #2

Make sure you grab em all and look out next month for an all new scrollz, more great ascii, a new and improved ansi department and as usual, some killer high res!

23 August / ICE WINS BLENDER KOMBAT (dangermouse)
Ice have defeated Acid quite convincingly in the latest Blender Kombat match to be played. The points tally looked something like this:

Concept/Orig: 27.5 / 40 pts
Technical Skills: 28 / 40 pts

Overall: 55.5 / 80 pts

ICE (winner):
Concept/Orig: 32.5 / 40 pts
Technical Skills: 32 / 40 pts
Overall: 64.5 / 80 pts

General comments:
Ice won this event because of the skill in which they executed their work, an animation. The concept was good, original and funny. A very good effort for the amount of time they had. Acid also submitted a very good piece of work, showing good photo manipulation and VGA skills. Good work guys.

Look for both entries in the blender kombat gallery next week.

23 August / CIA #55 RELEASED (dark entity)
Cia pack #55 is out now and can be found by ftping to the pack this month is split into 4 parts.. the first being ansi/ascii, the second and third vga, and the last the second issue of scrollZ.

23 August / BAKA/SOLO PACK (bon)
Made a mistake from the first post. The file didn't clear, but should this time. Just released it, should be able to find it at It's "baka_dra.rar". Let me know what you think

22 August / RANTS (dangermouse)
Guys, the news section is a section is for news, not personal slander towards other artists. If you want to start a valid debate, like the pack quality vs. lateness one, then by all means do so, but don't expect to get posted if you're just saying another person is lame or calling them poofters, or whatever..

Just released the first of a few solo packs I'm doing. The series is called BAKA, and there's three arcs planned sofar. The first was a deviation series, that got delayed, should be out next month, but I have released the first of the Drug pack (a different style for each drug), there's six pics in part A of the pack, 3 more to be released later. Anyway....blah blah blah, I could give you a whole shpeel on what BAKA and the symbole mean, but, I don't feel like telling anyone just yet.

Go get the pack at CDROM.COM, it's called Let me know what you think

21 August / BLENDER KOMBAT (dangermouse)
We're waiting on one more judge to decide the points, so keep your eyes glued to this spot for the results of the ACID vs ICE match! I can tell you this though -- I dunno who is gonna win.. :)

20 August / WARNING!
(deceased squirell)
I am just writing this as a warning and at the same time a plea for help. My groups channel got taken over by a group of " `l33t " artist, by the names of white-t, and brainstew. This people were supposedly members. The reason it got taken over was because brainstew was acting like a dick on #ansee cause fights and making people leave, so I banned him. I am writing this article to let all you group leaders and senior to know about these guys. If they apply to your group they will proably takeover your channel. If you can somehow get back my channel #distant, I would be very very appreicative.

> responses to this posting

20 August / REMEMBER ROC?
(silver rat)
I have released a retrospective pack entitled "The Best of RoC" containing the very best ANSI/RIP/VGA/etc. produced by RoC (a.k.a. Rulers of Chaos) during its brief time in the scene, (mid 1994 - early 1996). RoC was the spawning ground for many remarkable artists such as Black Guard (of Acid/Ice fame), Panacea (Fire), Samuari (Function/Awe), Galahad (Union), and The Rza (Disco/Samsara). This is a must-download for any diehard fan of the scene. You can obtain the pack from my website:

iCE has finally completed our first t-shirt and it is now available for purchase online! We are using a third party company who makes, markets, sells and ships the t-shirts to keep the whole process as quick and cheap as possible. I personally own two of these shirts and they're good looking, Hanes beefy T's. Follow this link to check out closeups of the front and back and order a shirt!

The page will move onto the larger web structure when v2 is launched soon. In the meantime, follow the link...

19 August / LEGION #5 OUT! (maestro)

The Legion chapter 05, "triumph", was released a few days ago. not sure when because we don't pay much attention to dates but it's out and can be found on ansSRV in #ans. once again, the Legion chapters are MONTHLY compilations of our ansi art. since the Legion 02 we've released every month and will continue to do so, so look forward to more great art next month some time.

18 August / FOS #10 COMING SOON (inazone)
Fistful of Steel Issue #10 will be releasing this weekend, probably between August 19-21. More reviews and interviews, but this month we have *gasp* articles!!! So if #9 wasn't your cup of tea, take a look at the new issue when it releases this weekend.

Also, FOS will be running a new website review in the next two to three months. If you have a new site, or if your site has changed since our last review, drop me a line so I remember to check it out!

inazone/fos editor

18 August / C0'S BACK! (count zero)
Yo, count zero of iCE is back in business, after a four month hiatus during the summer school term at University. So if ya want some ansi art, I'm your man; logos are free, pics will cost ya (unless you're a friend of mine... so suck up for all you're worth, buddy). Just e-mail me at if you want to request some art.

(mass delusion)
Hey, the iCE Pack being late was my fault and I'll take the blame. We had a small miscommunication and it blossomed into a big mess. But hey, overall, we're usually pretty prompt and I'm making the effort to be more on time now after that last blunder. SO. Expect us to be a bit more punctual, and I apologize to everyone for how late we were, especially my fellow iCEys.

18 August / DISTANT (deceased squirrel)
Distant pack #2 should be released to the scene sometimes this month. :) await it.

It seems that we have a traitor among us fellow doodle boys. his name is SUDDEN DEATH, and he decided to RIP one of the greatest artists of all time APHEX TWIN. in other words.


fuck you sudden death for playing us like fools.

> submit responses to this claim - ie. proof

Uprise is looking for members, we cater for ansi/ascii/vga/modding and music please if your interested check out our site at or visit us on efnet #uprise, or email me at with some work, for the latest uprise pack you can get it at our website, msg me on irc :),..

Well, the deadline for our beam atrcompo has changed. bad typo. ;) it's not 10th of august but september, 18th. so go on and draw some 'kitchen accidents'

17 August / TAI-PAN.438.A
Now I'm sure you are all sick of hearing from me, but if you downloaded Sense #12, be sure to scan you computer for Virii immediatelly! I discovered Tai-Pan.438.A was lurking in APPGEN.EXE today, and I feel I must warn you about this. As far as i know, this virus is memory resident and he wont do much damage aside from taking up conventional memory, and if he infects deltree.exe, the program wont work for the time it is infected. Thanks for listening.

16 August / SENSE 12 OUT (scrye)
No, I'm not here to talk about pack dealines, but I would just like to note that sense has released it's 12th pack today and we are now officially one year old! If you are interested on viewing the pack, you can get it by clicking here .. Thanks

16 August / HALLUCIGENIA RELEASES! (etana)
The August pack is out and, as always, is overflowing with good stuff. It is completely viewable and downloadable at our website [note NEW address!]

15 August / FUCKING VIRUS (cat dog)
Ok, i've just spent 2 days trying to rid my system of a virus, which infected over 300 .exe files on my comp. the virus was given to me by someone asking in #ansi (i believe) about anyone wanting to try a new irc client "xirc 1.2" (i regret to inform that i have since deleted the logs) but anyways, i ran this program, and suddenly the .exe dissappeared. then every once and a while a message would pop up "pervert detected: please remove dick from disk drive" and "warning: about to format c:\ hit OK to continue" rambling, i know, but hey, i'm pissed.

Ok, so i dont worry bout the prog, cause it doesn't pop up anymore. next day i power up, and mcafee (imagine it picked it up!!) popped up with explorer.exe with the W32.CIH.SPACEFILLER virus. (good think i picked up the new data files the other day), ok, so i delete explorer.exe from dos, and re-load windows, well it seems this virus likes to take any 32bit prog that gets run, and fuck it up the ass. so i use litestep as a shell instead of explorer (thank god) and i scan my system. low and behold i have 350 infected files. they cant be cleaned and i'm left to delete them. there goes all my programs. great. then something pequillier(sp) a file " .exe" yes, thats a space. and wow it has the same filesize as xirc.exe, which i also found out decided to re-locate to my system directory along with it's friend " .exe". i deleted every motherfucking infected file, and re-loaded windows.

Now most things work, but it seems i'm going to have to back up all my data and format, because windows is extreemly fucked up now, with long filename shit, ie: having 3 program files directorys{ program files progra~ old program files } and none of the programs that i had work very well because the paths are fucked. just a little note to everyone out there. dont get that file.

and also, whoever sent it to me.. i expect a damned good apology! .

(mass delusion)
I've always believed in the saying, "If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem". So, if you're not helping to better the situation, you're hindering it.

Basically, the iCE team has people from PST, EST and CET, which spans a total of 10 hours of Global time. It's tough to get a time setup when all of us (who hold jobs/etc) will be available. However, we're back on track with our competition this weekend on Sunday, 1:00pm EST, 10:00am PST, and 20:00 CET.

See you all there on #blender.

ed note: If your one of the teams supposed to be competing, email me about arranging a time to play a match

13 August / THE BLENDER IS BROKEN? (marquee)
What's the deal with Blender Kombat? -- Jerry Seinfeld.

I mean, we've got Blender, we've got Kombat, it's stupendous! -- Kramer

Okay, seriously, what's goin on with BK? The ANSI hype that was so prominent a couple of months ago has died down already? I mean, groups aren't even showing up to defend their name name against rival groups. What's that all about? Don't you guys give a shit anymore? You are letting ANSI go straight down the tubes AGAIN with your lack of interest. Show some pride in your work, and lop off the nuts of your rivals at some good old-fashioned Blender Kombat.

Thank you for your time.

12 August / NEW BK MATCH
There will be a Blender Kombat match on this Sunday at 1pm in #blender, between ACiD and iCE, so if you're in the group's team, be sure to show up. Wish both teams the best of luck - this is the ultimate 'grudge' match..


Okay. I've been an avid follower of all aspects of the scene for years now. And the thing that has always grabbed my gurdle the most is the fact that groups take no pride in releasing their packs on time. Im sure the people that view the packs (this includes me) don't appreciate having to wait for a pack that's two weeks late. It just turns you off from that pack in general, and kills the hype.

Now, I know that artgroups put packs out as entertainment, and get no REAL reembursement for their artwork, so I can't blame them all that much. But if you set a deadline, stick to it! iCEs pack was over a week late this month, and I still don't see ACiD's pack. Come on guys, i don't want to see another Fire take place.

> read the responses to the pack quality debate

09 August / DIGITAL TERRORISTS (spot)
Avenge would like to introduce the Digital Terrorists. The biggest group of badass web development people in the scene. We are currently accepting applications. We are looking for the following, HiRez, PERL/C, UNIX, Designers, Color Cordnation and Layout people. Please email all aplications inquiries to

09 August / POWER FLOWER CREW #1 (GreenDrug)

The young russian group - Power Flower Crew (PFC) grants to you a first artpack named "Power Flower" Leech it and mail us! =)

09 August / BEAM ISSUE #2 (shine / black maiden)
ok,we're working hard on beam #2 but we still need help. articles, pictures for our gallery, pics for the art contest (about 'kitchen accidents' ), news, rumours, etc. are always apreciated.

it's damn hard to create a mag about today's artscene, if there is no reaction besides 'humm. nice mag' or something.

so if you want to do something about it, don't hestate to contact us. ;) just write an email to or msg me on irc: shineBM or shiny on #ans / #bmaiden

for issue #1, infos about issue #2, votesheet, etc have a look at:


08 August / NEW DDT ENT. ART-PACK (royal ghost)
The leading russian group DDt Ent., considerably outgoing group HRG in Russia presents for your entertainment a new art-pack named "The Pack", Size 1.5mb..

07 August / ARTPACKS.ACID.ORG SPLITTING (RaD Man) has split servers - Effective the beginning of August, all FTP functions are being handled by the new site at, while all the HTTP and CGI functions remain at

What this means to you basically is that our CGI scripts (such as the search engine and archive viewer) have been temporarily rendered useless, and that a great majority of the file links on our site are broken.

Upload processing scripts and other cron jobs are still in working order, and files are still there. Just make sure to update your FTP client to go to /pub/artpacks.

For more details on this 'event' refer to

06 August / EDUCATE YOURSELVES! (maestro)
We've moved into a new era in ansi art with new groups, new talent, and and new life amongst other things. it's good to see us moving full speed ahead into the future, however we must remember that without the past the future has no existance. it pleases me to see some artists taking the time to help out the new guys and show them a few things about ansi art but it would also be beneficial to give them a brief history lesson and expose them to the great artists of the past that definded and redefined the ansi scene as we know it.

i have a series of projects in mind that i'd like to get going. these projects are geared towards familiarizing some of the new talent out there with the legends of the past, the guys that made the scene what it is today. i can't do these things alone so if any of you are interested in helping out please don't hesitate to email me at

- maestro of the LEGION

05 August / FUNCTION AUGUST PACK (quip)
Function has released their August pack. This month, Quip and Warpus were both tied up with computer problems, and Ironghost assembled the pack.

You can get the new pack at the Function homepage.

04 August / AWARDS 98 [MORE] (dangermouse)
Around the middle of August/late August, I will be putting up the nominees on the awards98 site. The list will available for viewing for a week after that date also. All comments about the list can be made via email at the time..

The voting system will be your basic voting booth stuff, with IP checking in place.. Woo.

BTW. If anyone wants to help out on the day - we need people to look after the channel, think up lots of trivia questions, and basically help out during the two days. If anyone is interested, email me.

04 August / TURMOIL IN #ANS? AS IF! (maestro)
#ANS has been regulated by yours truly. Come back in and join in on the fun!

03 August / #TRAX (beek)
#trax is on scenenet now.. for more information.

furthermore, for quick fixing of your irc -- #trax is on (random server)

tack, din jävel!

03 August / GIVING THE FACTS (aCk)
Correctoion! Skade is Israeli, not Swedish. :)

03 August / AWARDS 98 POSTPONED (dangermouse)
Awards98 has been postponed until September/October. Because of unrealiable nominee lists and such, and well, poor structuring on my part, the awards will now take place in the next few months. Nominee's will now be voted for, and then at a later point, the new nominees will be listed.

If you have already made your vote, and stand by it, then don't worry about voting again - at least not until the noninees are online. Your current votes will be used to determine the new nominees (ie. others selections, and popular choices).

The ASCII sections were quite frankly not up to scratch, and are being completely redone. You can also suggest nominees via the 'vote' sections if you'd like.

Sorry for all the confusion.. With a little effort, and perhaps some luck, the awards98 scene party should go off.. Go to the awards98 site to suggest a nominee..

03 August / DOMINIO #06 OUT! (anomite)
dominio's 6 months anniversary pack is out. Get it [somewhere?]

03 August / GLUE #12 RELEASED (drs)
Glue celebrates it's first birthday, with our #12 pack !

get it from,, or from ansSRV in #ans on the EfNet Irc network.

03 August / I'M NOT DEAD!@# (scrye)
I've been told that rumors have been spread around IRC confirming that I am dead, which in releation, also is causing the death of my art group, SeNSE .. I would just like to verify that I am not dead and that SeNSE is definatelly not dead .. Thanks you for your time.

02 August / HRGPACK #18 IS OUT! (Shere Khan)
what are you looking at? immediately download this thing!

02 August / ASPIRE/2 (gravedancer)
The sophmore release of the 410 ac group has been released!
Pick it up:

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