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  august 1998 rants

22 August / RE: WARNING! (marquee)
Why are you two bring your arguement to Acheron? No one wants to hear about your marital problems. Go see a counselor.

In my educated opinion, you are both quite lame, and need to get a life. Brain_stew, whoever the hell you are, I think you need to get your priorities straight. Maybe spend more time improving your ANSI skills instead of taking over channels? And, ummm... dont use the word "lamer" please, it makes me sick... it sounds like you are trying to be oNe 3l337 moThA fUcKAh, WhEn YeW rEA||y aReN'T. Idiots.

21 August / RE: WARNING!
Just once, can people knock off the pathetic IRC takeover antics? We hear about the abuse of ops and the overall attitude problems that run rampant. But is it really that much fun to take over a channel just because you can? While I don't think that d_skwerl really needs to make a big deal about the #distant takeover, I also think Brainstew (and White-T) could make a point of NOT acting like a couple of little kids hogging the sandbox.

This stuff isn't news, it's childish behavior. I think we need to start instituting age and/or IQ restrictions on IRC channels.

20 August / RE: WARNING!
(brain stew)
D_skwerl (the suckiest ansi artist I know) has written some information about me which is more than likely untrue. he will probably say I takeover every channel I get my hands on. But the only thing I've done is take #rca and given it back after about 4 seconds for fun, and taken his lame group(distant) once and forever. I know takeovers are lame, but I find this one amusing. Because I like to hear the lamer try to come up with something that makes sense in order to bitch me out

18 August /
This debate really sucks hard as stone.. it whould be boring as hell if all groups release at the same time. Think about it.. you'd have to wait a whole month for coming artpacks.

Release when you feel good about releasing. Having the same deadline every month is for groups with members who just communicate one time/month..

"big yellow man" for a non-release on time generation

Well firewall i guess your too chicken to reply to my email becuase i haven't had a response yet. and this "most of the scene is backing me up" crap is bullshit. have you ever ran a sucessful group? i doubt it, i doubt you even know what it takes to get a pack out on time. stop being so halfassed about things.

Hmmm, it seems as though I've started a small war :) And I see that the majority of people are on my side. Pack quality *IS* important, but deadlines are just as important. I mean, im sure any group could release a quality pack if they had 3 months to do it. You can't just give out extra time in the assumption that you will get higher quality art. That is just mental. Im sure if the groups were more organized, then meeting a pack deadline would not be hard at all. It's all about organization. Why not release on time every month, and whoever misses the release can just add to the pack next month and make it that much better? It all evens out, and in the meantime, why not make the downloaders happy with a pack that's on time?

16 August / RE: CANT WE ALL BE ON TIME? (scrye)
To Etena, you had some good points in you article .. Sometimes it is an issue of organization. If you have lots of it, the pack gets out on time. If you dont, though, it may still come out ontime, but just slapped together[archive wise] .. =) [ed note: you just did talk about pack deadlines :)]

To just put my two cents in on the debate of quality vs. deadlines when it comes to releasing packs on time.. I don't think, it's really that difficult to do both. Hallucigenia has only released three packs, but they've always been on time and we've always been pleased with them. It just requires a bit more organization.. calling work in a week before the pack goes out--leaving time for stragglers--and then saying to anyone else, "don't worry, we'll catch you next time around." The group knows what to expect and everyone goes home happy.

16 August / RE: CANT WE ALL BE ON TIME?(scrye)
In one of my previous posts I noted that late packs contain better quality art, but it seems I may have worded it horribly/sparsly[sp], and some people may have percepted it wrong. =)

What I meant was, in cases where groups may have to release late due to hold backs of things such as school, it's better just to release late with completed art, then to release on time with art that may not be complete, or that may need some tweaking.

On the other hand, during times like summer or during vacations, it is just fine to release on time[Maybe early!] because many artists have free time to draw, in situations like this.

14 August / RE: CANT WE ALL BE ON TIME? (zeusII)
Just read the two little texts about groups deadlines, and I'd like to inform you all that Avenge is one of the groups that believe in releasing on the 1st each month, on time, and we have done so far. Sure, not every pack has been flawless, but if you just cooperate and take it easy releasing on a set date can be done just fine. there's no need to exaggerate saying every pack released on time is garbage and every pack thats delayed is top qual. it can easily be the other way around.

We tell our artists that if they cant make the upcoming deadline, theres no need to worry because there will always be a next pack (how ever i admit its fun to make the deadline. but why submit unfinished ansis when you dont have to?)

If you want packs on time, you want avenge packs.

Have a nice day.

You mean.. someone.. actually noticed that Function was late? I'm.. (sniff) ... touched.

- A very emotionally stimulated Quip.

Quality takes time .. I sawe Firewall's earlier article about how none of his favorite groups release on time, but I'm sure most of you realize that packs are usually late for a good reason .. Which would you preffer? An on time package, full of garbage, or a late package full of gold? Mind you, other things usually contribute to a late package, no? For example, Quip and Warpus both are having computer problems, which explains the slight delay F(x)4 had .. Those are just my thoughts ..


Okay. I've been an avid follower of all aspects of the scene for years now. And the thing that has always grabbed my gurdle the most is the fact that groups take no pride in releasing their packs on time. Im sure the people that view the packs (this includes me) don't appreciate having to wait for a pack that's two weeks late. It just turns you off from that pack in general, and kills the hype.

Now, I know that artgroups put packs out as entertainment, and get no REAL reembursement for their artwork, so I can't blame them all that much. But if you set a deadline, stick to it! iCEs pack was over a week late this month, and I still don't see ACiD's pack. Come on guys, i don't want to see another Fire take place.


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