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  april 1998

28 Apr / FORCE REVIVAL (cyntax)
Cryogenic came bursting into #ansi:

hi everyone.. uhh, im restarting force.. the Seniors SO FAR are myself as prez and imodium(ex-avenge, ex-dvs) as vice-prez.. I am still, however, looking for an ansi head..

Force has an IRC chan now.. so pop in.. #frc ..

members so far include myself, imodium, cool guy, prst, fastjack, phoman .. drop me a msg if interested or email me at ...

Cryogenic (Force President)

27 Apr / FUNCTION ANSI (quip)
Warpus and I (Quip) have started a new 100% ansi group called Function. We are looking for artists to make for a spiffy looking for pack. Please consult to our infopack (F(X)INFO.ZIPA) for other information, or email myself at

26 Apr / NEW GLOBAL ART SITE (orbita) is a new non-profit web site dedicated to artists, (visual artists and musicians. It is a place for people to present their work (for free) and also a resource, news and information centre. It is not soley "Scene" art, in the strictest sense and so will cover all forms of art. But artscene members are very welcome and so are "groups" themselves. If you want a group page and somewhere to place your latest "artpack" then get in touch. Hopefully the site will evolve depending on the submissions i receive so if at first glance it doesnt appear to be for you get in touch and talk to me about it.

I can regularly be found on irc (effnet) in #vfx #hirez #mcg and #warez-traders-alliance. please feel free to mail me at

25 Apr / AWE IN NEED OF CODER (tna)
For those who are wondering about us, as you already noticed, we haven't released on the 3rd like we had planned. This is mostly because I haven't been able to get all the stuff from members. It seems like this is the hardest thing to work on, in AWE. But however, I'm writing this mostly because we have decided to change the way we've been working for the last year and a half. We have decided to make our group look exactly the way we want it to look like.. a way totally different from what has been done in the scene so far. We aren't doing this to be original nor any of that crap; we are doing this because we consider ourselves to be art creators and feel like people who view the pack should view it the way we want it to be viewed. We feel like this whole pack thing should look like it has been planned, organized. Not like it's done in most groups today: a bunch of ansi/ascii/rip in a zip file. So from now on, you aren't going to look at AWE Packs, but AWE Portfolios.

I would've liked to keep this secret, but I just can't because we are missing an important thing for our little revolution (which isn't really a revolution after all) and this is a good coder. We are looking for someone who really knows what he's into. We aren't really looking for some kid who just started learning basic, so if you're interested in becoming a part of us, please email me at If possible, the coder should actually be part of the scene since he'll have to deal with deadlines and other things related to this scene.

- The Night Angel ( / #5571990)

24 Apr / ACHERON ART COMP MAIL (dangermouse)
If you have any Art Competition entries, can you please email them to, because as you know around the time the comp is due, acheron will be changing servers and the like.. Thanks..

24 Apr (walker)
Nocturnal ( is looking for a couple of ANSI artist to join, to help with making a couple of text-mode demos. Interested people should contact

Cheers, Walker "...og så sier vi farvel her fra Hakubabakkeskogen"

22 Apr / SWEDECON? (inazone)
Mongi (iCE/FOS) is trying to organize a meeting of Swedish artists this summer, possibly in Stockholm. More info will follow, but he is looking for some help in arranging the event. If you are interested in attending and/or helping out, contact him at

22 Apr / ACHERON NEW DESIGN (dangermouse)
You may experience some downtime in the first few days of May, as acheron is being transfered over to new, much faster server.

Acheron will also be unvieling a cool new design, way different than the current site, which has been up for at least a year with the same look.. Also, updates won't be made until the first week of May..


17 Apr (Rad Man)
Get your drool cup handy, because ACiD has unveiled an all new look for Satisfaction guaranteed or your mommy back.

15 Apr (Shere Khan)
Well, if there were some people who thought that HRg will never release its 15th pack, they were terribly wrong. To make sure, check for yourself: It's not "cool". It's freezing COLD. If someone wants to express his impressions and impress us with his expressions about this pack, or if you do good art and feel like joining - we're always available at #hrg on EFnet. I know you'll like the pack. We did =)

14 Apr (inazone)
Now that we've finally released FOS #6, work on the next issue has already begun. However, writers are in short supply, so we're looking for anyone interested in writing ansi/hirez/demo tutorials, interviews, software reviews/tutorials and any other artscene-related articles. Guests are always welcome, but we also have plenty of room on the staff for permanent additions. If interested, email the FOS staff at

14 Apr (pinguino)
I'm looking for short (5min) songs for my upcoming comic book, presented on enhanced CD. It's called "Tori Do: The Epic" and I need wav and .ra files. If you have original songs you aren't doing anything with that fit either experimental ambient or dark jungle categories, email

12 Apr (quab)
Skatter is pronounced "Scatter".. OK!

10 Apr (tna)
I don't know if anyone has realised, but AWE hasn't released on the 3rd as planned.. But we will :)

09 Apr (inazone)
After the usual delay, Inazone's Fistful of Steel #6 magazine is finally done! Celebrating three years of the team's endeavors, it includes new material as well as selected pieces from the FOS artpacks (1995-97) and reprinted interviews with artists The Knight (Legion, ex-Fuel) and Ts (ex-Teklordz). The ansi gallery also features recent FOS promos by artists in Ice, Avenge and RCA...and Editor's Choice for best ansi artist this month goes to Angel of Hell [Legion]! The new issue is available on or by subscribing at

03 Apr (Dhillon)
The 4Th Disciple retired from the scene about 1 month ago to concentrate on other things in life. He can sometimes be found hanging around #dark, however as far as the scene goes he no longer exists. Included is a final interview that was never released due to some euro mag's bullshit death.

02 Apr (inazone)
Fistful of Steel Issue #6 will be releasing next week. Originally scheduled for mid-March, it has been delayed due to a wait on artwork and articles. It will include an ansi gallery, some article reprints from the past year, and reviews for March hirez packs. (Sorry for the wait!)

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