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  july 1997 (ascii)

Well, here's the ascii scene news from mid June to July 25th..

Kwest released their third pack, GO-KWEST.ZIP, and after its release cain promptly went on a two week vacation.

Remorse is preparing to release their new pack, RMRS-13.ZIP, which will be released seperately and in the ACiD acquisition.

Serial released SERIAL06.ZIP, which didn't have as many axb asciis as expected, but was still a solid effort.

Fire!a suprised some by releasing BESTOF01.ZIP, which got some good reviews..

The prodigy is reviving Odelay, and is getting help from big name artists such as discyple and haji.

Epidemic and Holocaust are rumored to be starting yet another group.

Blindman has seemingly quit the scene after the Basic revival fell apart.

Mass Murderer might also be quitting the scene..

Serial is rumored to be merging with a small group run by Mess.

Fire's ascii department announces that they'll be releasing packs every 2-3 months in order to get more people interested.

The investigation in to who Atombomb is/was hasn't turned up much of anything, although some people have their seperate intuitions.

Necromancer is rumored to be organizing ASCII FEST '97, where ascii pimps world wide will be able to get together and laugh at each other.. (well, I made that up, but it's been a boring few months).

-- PariahACID(rmrs1981)FIRE(senior)

ed note: Please people, remember that all *.ZIP will be deleted on, so only upload *.RAR files..

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