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december 1997 (lit)


The Lit scene seems to be dried up and dying. Why? I'd have to say schoool, life, and general lack of interest. The part of the Lit scene that seems to thrive, is the close personal relative to the lit group, the Zines.

I'll tell you why that is. Lit, and the scene in general, is now being run by high school kids. Don't get me wrong here, we used to be the high school kids running it all. Now, these new upstarts are running it, they are limited to time, and truely enjoy just farting around with filters and ez font dewdle style stuff. You still have some great talent out there and most of the art groups that actually release, put out some quality work. But writing has taken a dive since summer, becuase it seems that more of the colledge level member of the scene were the writers. Colledge being an important part of creating a career path, I see why they opt to study rather than crank out poetry or short stories.

On the other hand, you've got the Zine scene, mainly written by politcally motivated, socially aware young adults to middle age, with money and spare time usually. (though money is often not a great big part of the equation). The Zines come and go, but the alot of the more stable ones remain. Those like DTO (Doomed to Obscurity) at There are Zines out there for everone's taste, and in the coming months, I will be reviewing alot of them, and bringing you feature articles and interviews.

As for the lit scene as it was. Kiss its ass goodbye. The only group left actually producing lit, is Cthulu's band of net artists in Mistigris. Cthulu himself, being the product of such influence from the likes of Israfel , a very influentual writer back in the old days of 92-93. The lit scene was in its prime then, and has seen a decline ever since Israfel left. I guess you could say his leaving marked and end of an era.

Anyway, In news, Here are some official DEATHS as far as lit groups go. DEAD : EVERYONE BUT MIST! If you know any info to the contrary, e-mail me NOW!

Great Googly Moogly,
Its already Xmas.

Bah Humbug.


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