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  december 1997

28 Dec
There's a new channel for y'all to frequent: #artpacks, where you can get all the latest and greatest packs from all your favorite groups.. well, as long as YOU help out. We need people to put their offer bots in #artpacks, please either /msg M_Mouse about it, or email him at

20 Dec
Twilight Productions, founded by Deeply Disturbed in November 1996, decided to call it quits and disband, after serving the scene with some damn good art for over a year. You can read Illusion X's last words at, or wait until Illusion X's article about Twilight's history is released..

15 Dec

What?: ACiD Gathering '98 (GT 4)
When!: 1998 JAN 10 (SATURDAY)
When?: 3:00PM (PST)

Place: Cluck U!
Address: 2603 The Alameda Santa Clara, CA 95050 (Across from SCU)
Phone: 408-241-2582

Directions are available by phone or use their online map at

ACiD will be bringing this new year in with a bang hosting ACiD GT numero cuatro! This is the hottest place in the Bay Area for chicken (chicken ANYTHING), and you won't get price gouged either. Beer runs $13.00/GALLON pitcher, so a designated driver is suggested. Celebrating our eighth great year in this scene, both Necromancer and I will be purchasing the first two rounds (or should I say first two GALLONS) of beer for everyone, on the house. Alcoholics unite.

* No RSVP is necessary but please email me if you plan to attend. *

We hope to see you there!

RaD Man
Founder and President
ACiD Productions

(To be posted on future ACiD Gatherings, simply mail with the words "subscribe party" in the body, not the subject.) [END ANNOUNCEMENT]

RaD Man % ACiD Productions Founder % Artpacks Archive Founder

05 Dec
quab the author of the socks comic that is so popular has decided to take the sock story for a new turn. As of sock6.txt "Sockship Troopers" the story will start over in a different place and time. I asked the prominent author what he plans to do with this new sock twist. "More violence, more blood and gore and more socks" was his answer. I can't wait to get my hands on this one! He also gave me a little hint that it might become a full blown ansi comic. One problem; Who in the art scene can draw ansi socks?

The site has been updated and looks like its gonna get better and better. is also a major host for the BBS REVIVAL site which is currently at You can get most of your bbs news from here including the latest in bbs fashion. I asked quab what he thought about bbs'n. All he had to say was "BBS'N IS BACK IN PEOPLE". So I guess it is because my area seems to be a bit more lively.


- sheldon wax..


·a new 'euromag' is on its way, and this time, it is fatter then ever and therefore (probably) better then its previous form. People from many different zines have got together to do this, and we have a feelin its gonna get big.

the zine will cover both ansi/ascii/vga/rip to all extent, together with the demoscene and of course different local zines throughout europe. So check it out, dec 1st the premiere issue of neon is out on

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