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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  december 1997 (groups)

[ACiD CAPS GOING FAST] ACiD caps sales and advertisements will cease after February 28, 1998. To order your hat today, go to

[ACiD-63 OUT] The first artpack NOT compiled by RaD Man since 1993 is out. Wildcat did a terrific job of organizing this pack, available at "Wildcat, he IN!"



* check out the classic info file header originally in the cia 40 ounce pack special! welcome to cia #51 our first pack since the 50th pack extravaganza! damn, that rocked! sorry for all of the delays with school, finals and the holidays its hard to keep up with everything! the cia 50 contest winners will be announced soon, check the web site and the next pack for more info!

* new members this month: the member list is all sorts of wacky in this pack because we haven't been in contact with a lot of mems, but joining ascii this month are jandor, da (dark a..something I kinda forgot:), & shanifer.. mHz now officially known as bitc... er.. bugsy and savage elf's favorite color is now yellow.

* we say goodbye to inactive members, see the member list for more up-to-date information concerning these lazy-asses! we also bid a fond farewell to tr who gave us tons of good ascii but is gone due to a little scuffle/misunderstanding/skirmish/paintball game with some other guys on the same team.

* mighty mouse will soon be high and mighty as he takes over the duties and steps into my size 69 shoes next month becoming our new pack coordinator and dictator for several months . your pal nappy will still be around but needs a short break after dealin with the cia crew since 1993 :) m_mouse has shown that he is totally willing and completely able to take over the position for a while, should be a great few months!

* napalm's music pick o the month: wutang clan -> wu-tang forever:

* big THANKS to everyone who helped out contributing work to # 50 the results of the contest will be in shortly, check out cia's web site at for updated info!

* big DOH to the twilight crew, youre all welcome over here! :)



I'm going away to the canary islands between the 22nd and the 5th.. so KAMM(dadrug) wil be releasing the pack, with somewhat silly supervision from King thrashie. Hopefully, this pack will be as neato as the last one.

We have a new member, LUMINATOR, and we had another guy applying just the other day.. i haven't heard of anyone quitting, but fuck, i don't trust that all the people in that memberlist of ours are active enuff to be called "members" =) Merry christmas, and a Happy new year from FUEL

/Zeus II. fuel ansi div. leader.

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