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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  march 1999

31 March
ANC: ACHERON MAY BE DOWN (dangermouse)
ACheron may be down for the next week as it is changing servers. Expect disruptions to news reports and the discussion base.. Thanks..

26 March
RELEASE: GALZA #01 (otium man)
Hrg's ascii division is called Galza from now on! We even release packs .. [GALZA1: BURN BABY BURN] leech it ..

21 March
RELEASE: MIMIC #09 (black jack)
The 16th of the month has once again come around, and you know what that means.. Mimic! So, get it while it's hot. You can snag Mimic #9 (the full release) from or get Mimeograph (also in #9) from

RELEASE: REMORSE #31 (wind rider)
March 21. The first day of spring. In celebration, Remorse #31 was released to mark winter's end and the start of spring rebirth. Big things are going to be coming soon, so take this chance to marvel at our wonder and start up all your conspiracy theories. Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

19 March
RELEASE: SODAPOP FAMILY #01 (prosthesis)
Sodapop Family #01 is now officially released. woohoo!. it came, it hit, and it hurt. as long as i know. So get the fucking pack and if you want to join our little crew of fantasies. mail me or hang on #sodapop!

18 March
ANC: !ARTPACKS IN #ANS (silent facade)
Hey there, Silentf here, just letting you know that i've got my fserve set up again,
containing just about all the artpacks around. To access it, type !artpacks in #ans (as long as Artpacks is in the channel) .. there's no ratio or anything, so leech away.

For the time being, it contains mostly just ansi, but I'll be doing what I can to get some more ascii content on their.. as well, there's no uploading, because it'd be way to hard to try and organize (its just ircN's fserve), but i'm usually on the ball with the latest packs/emags anyway, so it should be much of a problem..

Remember, thats !artpacks in #ans..

13 March
As you may have noticed already, black maiden's beam-emag is dead. to find out the reasons and what will come next, get beam #3. should be on artpacks somewhere. or ask me on irc (efnet: #ans, shine|bm)... that's all folks.

11 March
There is a new ansi/ascii group headed by 'wackie' called Unique. They already have a few notable members like Shrimp and Volatile, and of course are always looking for more. If you're pretty good at what you do and want to join contact wackie. New members get an email and webspace, with the possible use of a shell account if you're a good little boy (or girl or goat or whatever you are)..

RELEASE: SCROLLZ #07 (bluedevil)
Scrollz 7 has been unleashed celebrating our one year anniversary. This is the last scene targeted zip release for Scrollz. All future Issues will be online. SO get it while its red hot! Well This news would be on but the news portion isnt ready yet:)

10 March
RELEASE: FLOWER POWER #03 (greendrug)
New release of POWER FLOWER. Hirez & askee art from Russia and beyond.

09 March
ANC: MIMIC.CA BACK UP! (black jack)
After a 4 month downtime, is back online! The page is new & improved.. well.. it's new anyways. But yah, check it out for the latest packs, links, and mimic news.

With back up, (formerly is also available to the public. With over 120megs of compressed ascii art packs & collies, updated daily, this site has it all. Check it out, you won't be dissapointed.

08 March
UPDATES: LINKS (dangermouse)
Fixed a few of the links up that were pointing to pages. has now been added, as has Mimic's site.

RELEASE: ICE PRODUCTIONS 9902 (mass delusion)
Been a little slow this month, and just getting around to updating with the links to the iCE Pack. 9 days of total server downtime this month definitely hurt, but we have installed a complete mirror to our machine, so we'll have no more problems of this type. Redundant machine and on totally different networks - fail-over mirroring basically.

Watch out for an iCE V2 release in the next few weeks, things are wrapping up, and read the info file, because I wrote it. And I'm funny. Like ha-ha funny, not funny like a clown.

(It's kinda neat that even on a slow month, we have 3 disks. *sigh*)

07 March
RELEASE: ECOLOVE #13 (appel)
Ecolove 13 is released... With the Ambience'99 ansi compo winning picture by Ex0cet!!! and ofcourse some real fine artworks by our talented artists... LEECH NOW :)

06 March
Cheat on your wife, kill your old ex-girlfriends and go nuts at ever disco. Brotherhood #3 is out and its pimping more then your gram. Get it at our site! enuff said (u all know it rocks anyway =)

Come see the amazing offset bitch-slap those members of that so called "Ansi group" Glue! =D GLUE REVIEW IS ONLINE & MORE TO COME!!!

04 March
RELEASE: CIA #61 (napalm)
[ed: fixed links - they were screwed up!]
hoowah! CIA hits once again this month with CIA CONSPIRACY #61. We know you want it. We know where you live. We know where you want to go today: CIA! AS usual, top snatch.. umm.. notch work with tons of ansi, vga, etc!

Grab the packs NOW before we hack into your computer and erase everything on your drive and then upload pkunzip and cia conspiracy #61 so you're forced to view it over, and over and over and over. - ANSI/INFO/VIEWER - HazMat Ascii #5 - HIRES/INFO/VIEWER - HIRES/INFO

New scrollz coming to the web soon! Look for a pack #61 preview at the recently reclaimed

RELEASE: PURG #23 (tee are)
Purg Productions Release #23 was finally put on the market. The pack was released late on Monday night. New members, new art, lots of hi-rez. Be sure to snag this pack for the latest in Purg art.

03 March
Its that time again, the 1st of the month, the time for the NEW ART PACKS to start releasing! And well that means that we have to start reviewing or dangermouse will take away our p0rn site privledges away from us.


I would like to apoligize for last months reviews. I decided not to review anymore packs since I wouldn't have anything nice to say. I wanted to save Acheron's and my reputation, so I did it for the better. >> Reviews section.

02 March
RELEASE: PRELUDE STUDENTS #03 (j2(the abs. spinsis))
Prelude studios, the artgroup lead mainly by Deviant and Cleaner (both former Mimic) and coord'ed by Volatile and mCee'kaes today released an outstanding 3'rd pack. You can grab this pack of their homepage:

RELEASE: [PAK] #07 (pak)
PAK#7 is out yay!? newBness is once again spred into the scene... heh we seriously need new members so email me if your interested ;} poop!

RELEASE: PLF 0299 (tb303) fOr the Jazz!!!

01 March
UPDATES: MARCH (dangermouse)
- added a huge articles update: Best of Tyrone (w/ compilations of three for shorter pieces).

- added more pics than you can poke a stick at.. I also got rid of a few and made a new 's' section. Oh, and sorry to mr. plastic where ever you are for taking so long to add yer pics :)

RELEASE: VOW #01 (scrye)
vow 1 hase been released .. download it

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