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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  january 1999

30 January
IC Exposure, a new art, lit and music group announce their first release. Get it over at Artpacks.Acid.Org. ice_01release1999.rar (640,819 bytes). Includes high res 10 JPEGs, dark lit and IT remix.

Just before someone gets upset or confused. ICE is not iCE. When we write ICE we mean IC Exposure. Someone suggested this might cause confusion. We'll make sure to use our complete name on our next release. (In relation to the current filename as well) :-)

29 January
ACiD plans to release pure and unadulterated sourcecode of it's own acidapp.exe, the ACiD Application Generator for DOS.

The code has been organized extensively over the past 6 months and we look forward to seeing it released before the end of this January. Look for it shortly on

28 January
ACIDCON 06 DETAILS (rad man)
ACiD Con 6 is being held January 30th, 1999, 1:00PM at... Malibu Gran Prix 340 Blomquist Street Redwood City, CA 94063 (650) 366-6442 Email me or call the phone number listed if you have any questions.

27 January
I'm happy to report that the discussion base is now bakc online and working properly (thank god!). You will notice however that most of the threads have been deleted, which unfortunately had to be done. The old messages are available for download by clicking on the 'archive' link in the discussion base.

There has been a new drug found within the ansi scene. garmaurnatetratolyephagrine. (or gutter for short) it's been known to cause constant outbreaks of the words "d0pe" and "diz is phizzat!@". it is 100% safe (we tested it on a few #ansi kids, them seem to be ok.) anyways you can pick some up from your dealer at:

26 January
XBIN EXPLOSION (dangermouse)
Xbin is now showing up everywhere. With the new ACiD xbin division, with members reportedly being Discofunk 1974 and maybe Haji, Prosthesis has also started his own Xbin group called 'groove'. The group reportedly has artists such as Reanimator, Ansichrist and Retribution to name a few.

Xbin definately looks like taking off.. Look for the new Xbin/Adf discussion topic in the discussion base (naturally enough).

25 January
AMBIENCE '99 (appel)
Everybody get your asses to ambience. Room for 1000 people, big compo hall, movie theatre, ansi/gfx/music/coding competitions, .... (.... meaning everything you ever wanted) 26 till 28 of february in Holland

ACIDCON #06 (dangermouse)
Acidcon #06, the first in 1999, will reportedly be happening on the 30th of January. Other details forthcoming.

I suppose a lot of you are wondering what the hell is going on with not displaying the front page, and also why the discussions are screwed. What has happened is that the site has run out of space on the server, and when the discussions software went to update the topics list, it couldn't, and subsequently wrote a 0 byte file.

The problem has now been rectified, and the site is back online. If you don't believe me, have a look :)

24 January
It's a new year and a new pack for that little group that just refuses to go away, Hallucigenia. In addition to our usual brand of hirez and real-world art from our members and a variety of guests, this month our ansi/ascii department has finally come out of hibernation. Yes, we finally have work from our lowrez department! Anyways, be sure to check out (2.2Meg), soon to be fully viewable on our website

GUTTER 7.5 (filth)
Due to el nino, the oranges in florida were destroyed, and the stock that me and jack phlash bought into crashed, and it sort of wrapped up our time with gutter 8. but it will be out sooner or later. but to keep your taste buds titilating, here's gutter 7.5!@ just 100+ lines of mindless rambling. and an elite surprise! so check it out, it'll kill a good 10 minutes. and sure it's trashy, but hey, if you're in the ansi scene, you should know about about being trashy. :)

it's on

JAE FINISHES ANSI! (dangermouse)
In what some people have claimed as the event of the century, Jae has actually finished another ANSI. The artist is stoked at his recent achievement, and has been quoted as saing "i own everyone in the scene". In a recent review by Taintedx, even he admitted to Jae owning him...

23 January
Yeah, that's right. Revolt Literature, the powerhouse of the 90's, has returned to light the path for litfreaks everywhere.

The spectacle of the return can be found by opening your hearts to our glory, or more easily by heading to

SO WHAT IS [PAK]? (pak)
[pak]... the ansi group for newbies? ya, ya so newbies made up a little group... well check it out pak#6 to be out jan.30 please support your newbies ;} and hey guest for us hehe we need filler!

22 January
With the newly formed XBiN division in ACiD, #xbin has been started. Me(phoman), disco74, fever, and konami run the channel, and are yet to have a bot. We hope to make the XBiN scene as big as the ansi/ascii/vga scene, if your on EFNet, just drop by #xbin. seeya.

20 January
THE HRG HERITAGE (shere khan)
Well, of course there should now be a link in the links section, but - just to make sure everyone notices - we'll post it in the news section as well :) there's a web site about our recent exhibition in Moscow, it's online now, and you can get all the information (and fun) you need at

19 January
#ASC (dangermouse)
Just a reminder about the channel #asc, where lots of cool ascii shit happens all the time, like compos and stuff.

SPRING BREAK '99 (will hutchinson)
Spring Break 99 is a scene party being held in San Diego from April 2-4th at the University of Califoria, San Diego. People from many famous groups include members from ACiD, iCE, Remorse have show interest and will be attending. Check the link for the pre-invitation file.

WARHEADS (filth)
Yo yo. if you like to play tetrinet, you'll LOVE warheads. it's a net type game, in a scorched earth manner, but you're spaceships in outerspace (duh.)

Anywho, i know a lot of you doodle boys are into tetrinet, but this is 100x better. so check it out!@#

find filth or gould on irc for some warhead funs!@#

I'm crayOFF (aka crayon if you didn't get it :) and i just recently put out my solo release called 'Jaded' under the Klexikal Records label.. I think y'all should check it out, cause if you ask me it's pretty neat :)

18 January
MY EMAIL ADDRESS (the night angel)
If anyone needs to reach me, especially Awe members, I've switched back to my old email address:

17 January
MERCENARY #2 (marlon brando)
Mercenary mag is looking for reviewers for the following softwarez for issue #2: iniquity 2.0, instinct 3.0d, impulse 7.2, telegard and renegade.. all interested parties, email me for more information..

16 January
MIMIC #7 RELEASED (black jack)
Mimic's 7th coming has been released, download it from today!

15 January
After a period of inactivity, scenelink is set to reopen with a new look, and a new team of editors. The site will feature current news from across the art, demo, and warez scenes, as well as occasional interviews and articles. The original founders, neofish9 and dezigner, are overseeing the redesign, but plan to retire from active service following the reopening. Questions may be directed to either, or neofish9 on efnet. Additional information, and a form for suggestions, are available at

12 January
GUTTER 8 LATE (filth)
Gutter 8 will be out soon. due to a ramen noodle incident. but alas it will be out, later than usual, but it will prevail.

ECOLOVE #12 RELEASED (president)
Ecolove #12 has been released, and should be on shortly.

11 January
FLUID #2 IS RELEASED (dangermouse)
Following the rather scontroversial first pack, Fluid hasn't looked back, releasing their second back. Download it.

ENGINE 01 RELEASED (cyberpunch)
The first ENGINE pack was released ! Leech it and enjoy the quality of our ansis, asciis and even jpg`s.. You can get this outstanding pack here.

ORACLE NEWS (dangermouse)
A little birdy told me Oracle, the popular alternative to that other art related site, might become an ASCII only news service.. We'll keep you posted..

That ASCII archive that Black Jack keeps jabbering on about has had a domain name change: it is now :)

MONGI BACK (dangermouse)
Just letting you all know that Mongi is now back from Hong Kong, and is now swinging again at full steam. Look for the Steven Stahlberg interview..

EBUILD v1.7 RELEASED (horrid)
ebuild, an electronic magazine engine, used on emags suchs as mercenary #1, and mimic's mimeograph, has been updated to version 1.7, and the source has been released. get the latest information at the new page,, or for more information email horrid.

10 January
IS THAT AN ITCH FOR... RMRS-29? (wind rider)
That's right. RMRS-29.ZIP The steamrolling might of the gods of ascii rolls over the competition for another month unabated. To bow down in homage to the lords among men, merely go to . Don't forget to sacrifice a virgin on the full moon. If you can't find a virgin, just use yourself.

07 January
GLUE RELEASE #17 (catch22)
Hello everyone. if you've been following glue recently, and i hope you
have, you may have noticed that we've grown tremendously. we're almost as
big as retribution's mom. trust me, that's big.

Some say our quality has increased, some say our quantity has increased, and
some say we're awesome. i tend to agree with all three ;) check out and judge for yourself.

06 January
Purg Productions released its 21st pack on January 5th, 1998. This pack was our three year anniversary pack featuring some of the best work ever released by the members of Purg. Get it at our website.

04 January
HRG #23 (sprocket)
As usual it more about hirez then ascii.. but with usual quality.. download and say whatcha think, if you will be able to think after viewing it.. :) here...

MERCENARY MAG (marlon brando)
the bbs scene emag, mercenary was released today.. snag it from: or

This is just to let you know that AWE-20 has been out since December 31st. It's available on, in the 1998 section, since they still haven't created a 1999 directory. :)

03 January

Been hearing a lot of this lately? We sure have. A sudden rash of incontinence? Doubtful. The release of CIA's 59th PACK? Probably!

CIA IS STILL HERE. Yeah, and just to prove it, we're kicking off 1999 with a bang.. 8 DISKS of a bang. We welcome artists old and new in this fantasticsuperorgazmicicalliscouslydeliciousensualovefest that we call Conspiracy #59.

CIA59-B.ZIP - cia ASCII (Hazmat Release and MORE!)
CIA59-C.ZIP - cia LIT (Scrollz in the cia pack format)
CIA59-D.ZIP - cia VGA / HIREZ at its best
CIA59-E.ZIP - cia VGA Continues
CIA59-F.ZIP - cia VGA / these guys are killer
CIA59-G.ZIP - cia VGA / theres no stopping it
CIA59-H.ZIP - cia VGA / Thats all folks!

While they have been conveniently seperated for your individual viewing tastes, please dont just get ONE or TWO of these, they all really do kick some major ass so check them all out.

Thanks to all the cia peeps this month for putting together such a damn awesome package. till next time!

Moonrise first artpack was released on 30/12/98. If you don't know us yet, we're a new hirez only artgroup. Check our pack on ( and except many quality packs in the future...

[note: these vga news items will be appearing on when mongi returns from Hong Kong -- along with the Steven Stahlberg interview]

FOS: LUCKY #13 NEXT MONTH (inazone)
Fistful of Steel's 13th issue will be released in February, and will mark four years of FOS obscenity. In case you're confused by our "birthday" schedule, FOS was founded in February of 1995 and released the first pack in March, but the first issue of the FOS mag actually came out in April or May of `97. Confused? ;)

While there was plenty of enthusiasm about the reunion artpack early on, the volume of submissions from FOS alumni and guests has NOT been enough to warrant a dedicated release. Instead, art will be included in the next issue. If you are still working on artwork, please keep working on it and submit it to me before the end of January. Thanks...

I take requests again, so if you're interested catch me up somewhere on IRC. Please don't Email me, since my Email is screwed.

02 January
SADIST RELEASE 2ND PACK! (dangermouse)
Sadist have released their second pack for your viewing pleasure, get it from here.

iCE PACK RELEASED (1/1/99) (mass delusion)
iCE has released their New Years pack today, 1/1/99.

Four disks of the finest eye candy to date this year (*hah*) await you on our ftp site and on IRC. Get it wherever you can, and ring the new year in with us!

SCROLLZ #5 RELEASED (blue devil)
Scrollz # 5 Has been released and with a bang too! That's right kids once again Scrollz is back in action. Kicking the new year off with a bang the pack contains enough lit to keep you entertained for hours! Go grab the pack now and see why Scrollz is the undisputed champion of the lit scene. Being that it was the only lit group to release in the fall and winter of 1998.

SOULS #4 RELEASED (nightstalker)
Hi again! souls #4 is out .. you maybe remember us from such films as souls #1, #2 and #3 .. and we are back to give you exciting .rip art ! get it at : ! ( added the pack in the 1998 dir instead of 1999)

01 January 1999!
I've got an absolute stonker of an update for you guys to start off the new year! Acheron is now two years old! (That's pretty old for a web site). It's been a great two years, and I'm sure you'll all agree. Have a look through the news archives as well to take a look at the happenings in the past two years.

There are some new things on

- added shitloads of articles (history of art scene - explained, 1998 round-up, acheron history, gif2ansi -- why bother?, new years low resolution, artscene and the web pt. II).
- added empty interview and a 1999 exclusive rad man interview!
- added new 2 new quilsing and 2 new mrYoYo, agent-99, serial toon, 2 luminous and prothesis, and 2 sodium pics to photo gallery (deleted some old ones)
- updated links

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