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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  february 1999

27 February
People have been wondering where FOS is. Could it be that 13 is really an unlucky number? Nah. I'm writing this one all by my silly little self, and rather than fill your noggins with foolish rants, I've decided to write some slightly more focused articles this time around.

What does this mean to you, the consumer? FOS #13 will be out in March. I'm going to be doing things a little differently this time around. Overall, I think it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, read Gutter. Filth makes me giggle like a little girl. It's fitting, since I also enjoy playing with dolls.

26 February
There once was a guy named fil, and he decided to eat this pill. he wasn't sick, he wasn't ill, but when he ate it, he began to chill. uhh, anyways, guttEr 9 is out!@

Are you sick of hosting your page at Geocities, Tripod, or some other provider that just doesn't suit your needs? Now there's a new FREE hosting service just for artists. You get five megs of space, and all you have to do is put a banner on your page. This sounds like a very good offer to me. Especially since your URL is Much better than eh?

23 February

Art based on depiction of visual flexibility with theoretical flexibility.
A painting which purpose is to achieve composition with no end and no beginning.
Art based on depiction of circle evolution of understanding and seeing.
A kind of art which draws upon imagery and seeks to reveal abstract idea of the connection within.
It's flexible because it has multiple principles.
It is more real than life.
It is more abstract than abstraction.
It is more visible than reality.
It is more subconscious than surrealism.
It is objective and nonobjective simultaneously.
It is emotional but scientific.
It depends upon pattern of line as a primal creator of whatever associated or disassociated from theme.
The artist's mind is the superior beginning of the line, but the line is free and emancipated.
Flexi is a new neo-pro-anti-post.

Jaisini, New York 1999

Reply to Y. Kotz-Gottlieb

ANC: SOULS = DEAD! (nightstalker)
Well ... some of you might have heard it allready .. i have decided to kill souls. I won't be writing a long txt to explain all reasons. The main reasons are the small number of people in the group and the inactivities (also from my side, i'm no exception). To all members: it was good while it lasted .. let's keep some good memories and go on ..

22 February
Lit.Org just hit the two year mark! Internic just sent out the invoice for renewal and I sent it in!

I was suprised to see that we've been up that long, and I'd like to thank everyone who's been a part of its many projects, both in and out of the scene. I'm hoping this year we can do alot more for the users of now that we have complete control of the server its on. We have more resources and plan on giving some cool features back to those who've helped us in the past.

Things in the works is a Downloads/File Area for lit packs from past to present, so if anyone has a good line on some of the older ones, please lemme know.

Also in the works is an online gallery of lit, if you'd like yours displayed there, please contact me.

"The Force is strong with this one"

20 February
Check out the latest Extreme Artists Release. Ea-pkins.txt. It has some of the most insane /x style ascii you have seen for a while!

17 February
RELEASE: MIMIC #08 (black jack)
Well folks, it's that time of the month again. No, not PMS, BUT JUST AS BLOODY! Mimic #8 has been released. You can pick it up off me(blk_jack) on irc (xdcc #1), or on an ascii scene ftp :

Hell, it's even on G0AT.. Make sure not to miss out on this ascii explosion!

16 February
RELEASE: ANAL ASCII #9 (discofunk 1974)
Anal ascii #9 was released today, packed full of 2nd rate goodness from me, discofunk 1974.
You can get the pack from or you can find blk_jack on irc (#ascii, #mimic) and just /ctcp blk_jack cdcc send #1 for anal #9

RELEASE: PURG #22 OUT (jandor)
Purg has release pack 22. Go over to and check it out. There have been rumors of purg dieing. well its not true. We are still going on and strong. If your intrested in joining stop by at the url at the top and fill out the form.

15 February
The lit thread has been removed from the discussion base, making way for the more specialised and specific discussion base on

Thats right, Lit.Org has been online for more than a year now. With growing support in the lit scene it is flourishing. With the scene's move to the web as a medium, was an obvious choice for our plans.

Lit.Org is hosting some cool lit related sites. Among them, Scrollz . Cia's Lit Department. Using the available resources at Lit.Org, Scrollz has set up Discus ( a message forum, like the one used on Acheron ) for the Lit Scene. Go Here to see the new Lit Forums.

We neeed and want your support. Drop links to our site on your page. And if you have a lit related project, let us know we'll advertise it for you on Need hosting for your lit related project? contact me. Bewm

Hallucigenia is proud to present.. (drum roll, please).. its February pack! It dices, it slices, its bio-degradable and comes with a life-time warrantee! Bob down the block has one, why don't you?! Look for (1.4Meg). Available now. Operators are standing by to deliver this fantastic product right to your door. Get your February Hallucigenia pack today!
(*batteries are not included)

Goatboy released his solo ansi pack entitled "Beginnings". It's a sweet pack that can be nabbed at

11 February
RELEASE: REMORSE 30 - 4 YEAR ANNIV. (necromancer)
Remorse pack 30 released today, celebrating 4 years dominating the ascii scene. Come get the gargantuan pack at

09 February
NEWS: AWE DIES (dangermouse)
After a rivival late last year, many thought that the great logo group could possibly live longer than 20 packs, which it did... Until now.. In a swift move, Tna, the groups leader, has killed Awe Lettering.. [more]

NEWS: #ANS OPS (dangermouse)
After much debate in the #ans topic in the acheron discussion base, the #ans masters that be have selected their channel operators. No more channel ops will be given out. And as Filth says "so if you ask us [for ops], we'll hack into your computer and set your web browsers so they won't let you access porn on the web."

ANC: FOS #13 - WORK IN PROGRESS (inazone)
K, boys and girl(s), everybody has been asking me when the next issue of FOS will be out. I have lots of ideas for articles of my own, but wouldn't it be GRAND if some other people wrote? There's always plenty of people on IRC trying to get their point across, so why not put it in a mag?

I'm looking for some guest writers. Get the idea?

The deadline for articles is the 15th of this month. I will be doing ansi reviews, although I'm not sure how extensive they will be. In any case, if you have an idea for an article, get in touch with me!

08 February
Art Gallery is no more, as is the profiles section.

Basic Training #1 was a hit, I was very pleased with some of the responses I got from people about it.

BUT in gutter #9? Afraid not... I need quite a substantial number of tutorials in order to put BT #2 out in gutter #9 (January issue)... and yes, I'm sure they know it's late. All I really have to say is folks, don't be shy! Get those tutorials in, I can't beg, and beg, and beg for people to make these (it's almost effortless to make them btw) I don't think you need to be reminded how easy it is, but just in case... if you're a font artist, a pic artist, if you're a comic ripper even, all you need to do, is sequentially save your ansi/ascii/lit (yes, we have had some interest in a possible lit section of basic training) put some footnotes in there about what you're doing, how you're doing it, or how your mother and filth are romantically involved, and BAM.. you're done.

Let's get those submissions in people. :)

07 February
Ohh.. BAM! If you thought cia #60 was overwhelming, we just cant stop releasing stuff! Some un-named art groups have one pack, maybe two a month, some have one pack every two months, we like to deluge you with 6 packs and now.. A MUSIC DISK! Woo! Thats 7 releases, check out one a day for the next week!

Load up your WinAmp and download for cia's first CHAOS disk release featuring the audio stylings of Nihilmystic, Rogan-X and that lovely Purple Tentacle.

Also on a music front, now and then late at night some of the guys throw up a shoutcast cia radio, check in #cia on efnet to see if its goin on. later

ANC: ART EXHIBITION (zach feuer)
Hi, I'm curating an exhibition in my Boston apartment this spring. Its an exhibition of 50 artist's response to the home. The apartment will be open for public viewing weekends 1-4pm from March 20th-May 9th. Please consider trading links with The Apartment Show. The web site is at


06 February
Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know that Project: Vision, a literary group with web-based releases, has now debut; be sure to check it out at and tell me what you think.:)

Well, I would like to announce that for the past 2 years the largest ascii scene FTP site in the world has existed, and most of the scene still stands ignorant.

"What site would that be," you ask?

Why, of course! With over 2,000 ascii artpacks and ascii scene related textfiles and utilities, is the father of them all.

And if you have an up-and-coming group, or another release from an already existing group, uploads are accepted and very welcome!

"And what about speed," you ask? Well, you can't beat us. Hosted at AboveNet, we are smack-dab in the middle of everything and have the world's LARGEST bandwidth available to us at all times; over 4 gigabits per second worth!

Be one of us.

Come to where the big boys play.

See where the other ascii FTP sites got their files.

Come to Daddy.

05 February
As of January 4th, 1999, it has been proven that Remorse still owns you. Yeah. You. And to prove our state of owning, we are releasing our 4 year anniversary pack. "We have such sights to show you.."

ANC: SCORE! (thext)
Do you like hockey? (Are you Canadian? ;])
Have you ever noticed how there are very little hockey ansis drawn? (or sports ansi at all...) Well, this can change.

On the day of the first match of the Stanley Cup final, the ultimate competition in hockey, I will release, an art pack filled with hockey-related art. I do plan to draw for it, but I am not to fill this up by myself. You can help too! Whether you draw ansi, ascii, RIP, hirez, write lit or compose music, you can add a piece. There WILL be quality control, but it will not be severe... I just do not want to release utter trash. Medium trash is alright, though ;].

So if you're interested, make art. You can drop me a word a my addy above. It might bounce, but it'll get there, eventually.

Remember a month or so ago, Black Jack of Mimic Productions introduced to the world, to serve up the largest online collection of ASCII artpacks ever. Well, in the spirit of Black Jack's ftp, I have created a mirror +plus site. This site will be linked via ftp scripts with Black Jack's Christ and shall hold the same files. The only main difference between the two archives is the speed. My variation will be running off a cable modem connection while it's mother, Christ, will be only be on a dialup connection. Again, the address to access this ftp is as follows -

Hello. i thought i'd post this to remind all those people who are participating in the scavenger hunt in gutter 8. that you have appx 2 weeks to get me your stuff. Again, this is to remind all those people who told me they know what the stuff is, they just "haven't found it yet" :)

Also, connected at 2400 stuffs would be a nice thing to get asap. :)

04 February
CIRCE #7 RELEASED (arlequin)
Circe #07 is just out! download from or visit our webpage.

03 February
MORE REVIEWS (dangermouse)
Added some new reviews for this month in the reviews section.

The Freaks from Hallucigenia are releasing an additional anime pack. We are accepting work from all people. So if you want to submit any type of anime send it to It will be released when we feel that enough anime has been collected.

"maybe things are different these days.." black maiden pre-anniversariy book (#19)

PRELUDE #2 IS OUT (volatile)
Prelude has released its 2nd pack, the pack is avalible at an ascii store near you, its limited edition is however released in, go get it tigers.

02 February
iCE 9901 FRESH! (mongi)
Grab it while it's still fresh! I'm not going to blabber here, you'll get enough of it from MassDelusion in the pack anyway. Part One (ansi), Part Two (hirez), Part Three (hirez), Part Four (hirez)

The reviews section has now been added to acheron, and is slowly gaining some pack reviews from the reviewers. Have a look and tell us what you think. Of course, we are always looking for more people to help with the reviews, so if you're willing, drop us a line..

It's been released: {183kb} We've released it only for the programmers who care. :)

HRG #24: TOUCH (shere khan)
It's out. Frankly speaking, I don't understand why it's not on your HDD yet. We're a group of your dream, right? We make the best art possible, right? You've been waiting a whole month for this pack, AM I RIGHT OR NOT?

So you simply must have downloaded it already :) ...but if by some strange twist of fate you haven't:

CIA #60-WE OWN YOUR DOG (napalm)
Ohhh YEAH! Can you feel it?! I SURE CAN! Its a squirrel that nested in my pants for the winter! What? You don't HAVE a squirrel?


You'll WONDER at the ASTOUNDING ansi, MARVEL at the AMAZING ascii, REVEL in the joy of HAIR RAISING high resolution art, EXPLODE with EXULTATION at our lit! Act now! Download it ALL today! - Ansi, Info, Viewer - HazMat Ascii, Viewer - Scrollz #6 Lit Pack - High Resolution, Viewer - High Resolution Cntd' - High Resolution Cntd'

If you liked the 8 pack release of Conspiracy #59, you wont be disappointed at this 6 disk wonder!

SEE the AMAZING two-faced man! FILTH in his underpants, SODIUM in filth's underpants! IK, the bearded monkey, MRE the living dead man, CAT
DOG the mutated pet and MUCH MUCH MORE!*

(the triple-breasted whore of eroticon 6 could not make it this month, we apologize for the inconvenience)

TIME for ME to STOP drinking COKE!

01 February
LATEST UPDATES (dangermouse)
- added the new Warpzine (issue #09) complements of Warpus.
- added more photos than you can poke a stick at, inc. the Big Day Out and Vans Warped Tour pics from Dangermouse.. [my little excursion]
- updated irc channels (removed redundant channels)

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