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30 May / AVENGE DEATH NOT TRUE (creator)
I have seen articles about avenge dying and from this i have found myself enraged at the responce of people in the scene. I recently went on vacation to California(first vacation in 4 years) and find people took my time away to try and sabotage Avenge. This is all 100% rumors and there is no plans on avenge dying. However, i have decided we do need to broaden our anbsi releases and support people in the manby areas of avenge, thus making avenge expand to give a more SCENE related pack with QUALITY and not QUANTITY. From now on, there will be a strict quality control enforeced where art will go through a few phases of quality control to ensure viewers will be more impressed. AVENGE WILL NOT DIE AND IS NOT DEAD. ZeusII,. myself and Knocturnal have no plans on killing it, and do plan oin our regular release on the 1st of the month.

Bluedevil's decision on leaving avenge is for the better. Avenge was meant to be ansi only and this lit idea was not a good part on the decision making of avenge. Good luck withg cia lit. Avenge remains the same. ANSI ONLY! If you are interested in more info or membership to avenge join #avenge on IRC or email

30 May / SUMMER DARK FESTS BEGIN (carnifex)
Yes, Virginia, there *are* Dark meets..

The first "Dark meet" of the spring season took place in Toronto, May 29th. What started off as an innocent lunch get-together between former Dark staffers Carnifex and The 4th Disciple quickly became a important event, with a mob of key Dark members in attendance. The Dark members and Darkfriends on hand for the occasion included: The 4th Disciple, Acidic Soap, Carnifex, Corinthian, Critical Illusion, Epitaph, Expatriate, Godless, Holocaust (and friend), Scrupulous, and The Green Hornet.

Given the overwhelming positive response to this short-notice event, many more such Dark meets can be expected. As always, all are welcome.

Stay tuned to #DARK for more details.

29 May / NEONSTRIKE'98 POPS UP! (loader)
hey people! Some weeks ago we 'created' a new, fesh, group.
type: art/demo ...
leader: Abnormal
want some more information, artpacks or anything, check our homepage at!

27 May / SCROLLZ MERGE JUSTIFIED (blue devil)
After seeing the tirade posted by cthulu, I am now going to justify why I merged scrollz into CiA.

The reason I merged Scrollz into Cia was because of the support that Cia offered which has already done my group more good then by staying in Avenge and getting none.

An Now cthulu I have a response to you :

I am quite disturbed by cthulu's remarks to my group, and I only have one thing to say in return. I may not be the best literary artist in the scene, and I may not act how you think someone in the lit scene should act, however I enjoy writting lit, I enjoy putting my thoughts into words and expressing my feelings and releasing them so people might find them inspirining. It has also come to be that I coordinate a lit group. The group may not be the best, but we all have something in common. We enjoy writing lit. This is the essence of the lit scene, freedom of expression via words. It may not be the most respect scene in the whole, but it is a scene which i hold dearly to my heart. I do not understand why you would be so against this, and how you cannot understand this. All I can say is if you have a problem with me personally, Then I am sorry, I cannot help you. Words will be words, and if you to choose to hate mine, or anyone else's in the group i coordinate, then I do not think you belong anywhere near the lit scene.

In a final note cthulu if you want to work something out you must first understand it, then you can fix it. It is not my fault that the lit artform is not as active in these days as it was in the past.. In fact I think you would have been happy and welcomed the bringing of more competition and energy back into this part of the scene. Evidently I was wrong, but I am a leader to a group and I myself had to do what was best for them, and that in the end is all the justification I need to give to you.

27 May / QUITTING IS COOL (anonymous)
I've heard from reliable sources that inforce of RCA/devious will be quitting rca to concentrate on devious,maybe to head a lit dept ... and continue with his releases of Vga,ansi,ascii and lit.

I cant reveal my name because inforce would kick my ass with a spoon.

27 May / EMPTY IS BACK! (dangermouse)
After a long absense, empty, everyone's beloved hero, has blessed #ansi with his devine presence.

26 May / MY EYES HAVE BEEN BURNT (ironghost)
Doodleboys out there join in the rebellion against the injudices that have fallen onto us. I have just wasted 2+ hours of my life watching the most horrific of all movies ever made. Boogie Nights was an utter destruction of my mind. This movie reaked out loud, as if it took an ass and covered itself with it.

I just spent 2+ hours watching this idiotic movie only to see a rubber schlong at the end. I did not to see any type of schlong, this is an outrage. I encourage you, the doodleboys, to let the news out that this movie goes against all we stand for. We, the future of this world, must not let this filth into our lives. Stand with me and you will not stand alone!

26 May / AVENGE NOT DYING! (zeusII)
Ok, i've been checking out the situation for a few days now reading various articles on avenge's eminent death (not to mention a few rumors i've heard) and my comment would be.. No, I for one sure as hell have no plans on killing avenge. What i need right now is to get a hold of creator to straighten a lot of things out with him .. about this group and where it's heading, etc. (and what the hell he's doing) But like I said, i have no desire to quit on avenge, I want it to remain, and i want it to be a good, plain group for artists who just plain like to draw ansi and release it with friends. I'll explain more about all various happenings in future avenge info files...

In creator's absence me and knoc are collection submissions for avenge#5 right now, deadline is the 1st as usual.. and if creator doesnt show up we'll put a pack out anyways. We still have a whole lot of kickass artists.. so it should be very possible :)

..for further questions email me at yours truly

26 May / SCROLLZ MERGES WITH CIA (blue devil)
Scrollz has now merged with Cia. This was decided after consulting with Bchrome and Sudden Death. We feel that this merge will not only help bring a new begining for both, but will also bring a consolidation of power and be beneficial for both. So if your are in Scrollz welp you are now in Cia. At the time this is all i have to announce, oh yeah and I'd just like to say Hi to Cthulu.

25 May / HOAX ART! (corrup)
I'm runnin a newstarted underground art group. We draw ansi, ascii, rip, Vga. The usual shit. We have released one collection, and the second are about to be unleased in about two week. We're in need to get our name know, and we need some visitors at our site. If we got visitirs there, we probably would get some members too. I would be glad if you could link to : Hoax Art

25 May / CiA4LIFE (sudden death)
CiA [ CREATORS OF INTENSE ART ] Is back with Burning Chrome and Sudden Death running it.

Sudden Death just recently quit avenge due to disputes over mutual respect and lack of support. Burning Chrome just recently returned after a one year hiatous coding ciadra w pro in c++, and we here one of our favorite rodents are on the way back..

25 May / ONE FOOT AT A TIME, PLEASE (cthulu)
The other one hasn't been taken out of your mouth yet.

It seems ludicrous to me that after silently working at producing quality writing for the past four years with precious little recognition from anybody, that the lit scene has now been declared reinvigorated by the institution of three or four new groups.

This new attention is especially dangerous given that many of the individuals in power are only where they are because of a want for power rather than out of any actual ability to write. After struggling to make sense out of the unintelligible news item by Blue Devil, I feel compelled to urge the scene to ignore him, because if someone semi-dignified like myself doesn't speak up the new lit scene that everyone's talking about is going to be seen as a bunch of illiterate goons. Follow my example, not his, please; just because he speaks the loudest and the most doesn't mean that he in fact has anything to say at all.

Rumour has it that AvengeScrollz (now just Scrollz) has unaffiliated itself from Avenge (big loss for creator, I'm sure) and is going to become the new Cia lit department. I implore Napalm publically to re-think this decision. Encouraging this breed of power-broking un-writer is going to cause nothing but more justification for discrimination against us writers who can actually get out a whole sentence that's readable. Lit has been derided as an art form in the ansi scene for long enough because of the antics of people like this, and I'm not about to let this upstart spoil my four years of improving the reputation of the lit scene.

Again, I urge you to ignore Blue Devil. Deprived of attention he will crawl back under the rock he came from and pretend that he was too good for the lit scene anyway.

In other news, Mistigris is looking for writers 8)

I apologise for the prodigious slagging in this news item, but sometimes if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, you can't do anything less than denounce it thoroughly as a duck.

25 May / GUTTER 1 IS OUT LIKE A TROUT (filth)
just when you thought it was safe to draw ansi, gutter is out to lessen your ego. check out the first issue of gutter at the cheese web page. or email me at and let the good times roll!@

24 May / SOULS, A .RIP ONLY GROUP (nightstalker)
I (nightstalker) founded a .rip only group called souls. i'm still looking for members ... for more info or to apply, email or find me on irc under nick nstalkie. let's revive the .rip medium !

Today I, (BlueDevil) announce my resignation from the Avengecult. After being in the group for 4 months I have decided I have nothing to gain in this group anymore. Avengecult itself is rapidly falling apart, members against other members, accusations, and a absentee leader are all my reasons for doing this. In my opinion in it's conquest to own Legion avenge got to big and pompous for its own good. It will soon fall to pieces in a spiral of chaos. Now I thank creator for letting me in Avengecult and being apart of something that was remarkable for a short time was nice. I will say it was creator's idea for AvengeScrollz but he gave me charge of it. With the past few weeks now I can no way release on time because of lack of art, and support from avenge.

I myself felt like this was just a token or another accoldae to avengecult to chalk up. However I had no help in recruiting who I got by my own damn gumption. Finally the straw that broke my back was when creator informed me that I would no longer be releasing with Avengecult that no lit would be in it. I am not a puppet, i do not move a certain way because someone pulls my strings, so in my best judgement and after consulting many people I view with respect I officially decree my resignation from the Avengecult and take my group AvengeScrollz which will now forever be known as Scrollz and release under our own will and judgement. If you wish to join me in this venture then please seek me out within a few days I will have a page, a channel and bots set for this group. Long Live Scrollz.

22 May / SPECIAL SAUCE (samurai)
special sauce is finally up telnet at .. great art and messages. give it a buzz.

22 May / FOS 8: THE WEB IN REVIEW (inazone)
FOS #8, scheduled to release in the first half of June, will have special focus on the WWW and its effect on the artscene. Specifically, Inazone and his intrepid crew will be "grading" artscene websites, group homepages, etc. If you run a scene-related site and would like it reviewed, or if you want to recommend someone else's site, email the FOS staff ( with the URL. Only submit sites which are current; if the content hasn't been updated in the past 1-2 months, it will not be included.

Due to the renewed activity in the lit scene, FOS will also be accepting short stories to include in this and future issues. If there is enough response, a coordinator/editor position will be created to handle it. In other words, if you like writing and want your work seen in FOS, let us know!!!

All website recommendations, lit submissions and other materials are due on or before June 7.

21 May / THE ART GALLERY IS HERE! (dangermouse)
Stop complaining, cause the art gallery is up.. Wanna help!?

Basically, if your group wants to put their latest packs online, then by all means pick a representative from your group to contact us. Without help, this gallery might not be able to be updated as often as the scene would like.. Anyways, have fun with the stuff that's online now..

19 May / THE LIT SCENE RETURNS? (crowe, lit coord)
The lit scene is coming back.

Codine is back, Pipe is coming back, Mist is still releasing and Cthulu and I are going to get some lit projects rolling. A new group Called Young Poets is on the loose and things are looking good. The Dark Spiral's online lit project is going strong and the Zine scene, though it never dies, always sees a boost in the summer months.

Here we go again.

There are a lot of groups in the scene where we can find the greatest of the greats, however even the greatest artists have to start somewhere.. and now that somewhere can be Hallucigenia. Our goal is to offer artists--ANY ARTISTS--a place to create and distribute their work.. a place to get experience and a door into the art scene. To learn more about Hallucigenia, visit our website, download our infopack or email Etana for more information. Come join us.

18 May / HRG 16 RELEASED (shere khan)
It's fresh, it's hot, it's out, and it's GOOD. Get it off - and do it quick, for soon the server will overflow with HRG fans leeching #16... heh. I wish. well, anyway, this month's pack is real good, you'll lose a lot if you miss it.

17 May / ART COMP RESULTS (dangermouse)
Okay, we had atleast 30+ entries into this competition, and it seems only a handfull of people could be bothered drawing once they entered, so the next competition will be more blender like, and will probably be held on irc. Anyways, onto the winners..

ANSI: Agent 42
ASCII: inphamilair RIP: Fat Pac
HIREZ: bzzz

16 May / NICK CHANGE (martz)
Junior of remorse has changed his nickname back to Serial2n.

15 May / OOZE 3 RELEASED! (dangermouse)
Finally, after around a year or more, ooze issue 3, from tatharina and sq2, has been released. The emag has a good following in Australia, and this time its got quite a few Aussie pack reviews (all the ones they missed), articles, and general tid bits.

All of the issues are available from

10 May / AWE TO DIE (thext)
*tna* j'sais pas trop.. on cherche un coder pcq on veut releaser les packs plus comme un mag, mais ca fait plus d'un mois que j'en cherche un, pis ya personne dans le groupe qui se preoccupe de ca.. y restent tous dans awe a cause du nom, y se sacrent pas mal de se qui se passe.. fac j'vais probablement tuer le groupe la semaine prochaine.

If you can't decode French, that means that TNA didn't succeed in finding a coder and that people in the group don't really care about it, that they're in it for the name only...

And then he says that he's going to kill it next week.

*tna* j'sais pas trop.. j'pense que je vais releaser genre, solo une couple de fois par annee.. pcq j'ai pu beaucoup le temps de dessiner non plus.

Here he says he's going to release solo packs.

Good hunt for the rest of the crew. :)

07 May / NEW PACK REVIEWS (dngrmouse)
Acheron has now got online reviews of the latest packs available, under the galleries section, reviewed by the extremist. check them out.. The Extremists site also has the online reviews at,

07 May / FOS #7 RELEASE! (inazone)
Fistful of Steel #7 is out now! Highlights include interviews with AvengeCult leader Creator and retiring Dark ansi artist 4th Disciple, an ansi logo tutorial by Count Zero of Ice and hirez reviews by Mongi. Subscribe to FOS at!

06 May / FUNCTION PACK #1 (quip)
Function ansi has released!

Please point your browser to the Function homepage on NeonCrayon Multimedia to download it.

Go! NOW!

04 May / BUCCANEERS WANTED! (PJ Dynamix)
Buccaneers wanted for Comic Pirates!
We're hiring coders, graphicians, musicians, paper-artists and swappers for decent demo-projects on IBM-PC, Amiga, C64, Atari and Acorn.
Check our website at for further details or drop us an email at

03 May / ICE TO RELEASE T-SHIRTS (source: radman)
Apparently iCE are planning to release their own line of T-Shirts, in around one month's time. At this moment, ACiD has also rehashed the ACiD Caps through credit card only at


Meatpod, ASCII Correspondant:

Odelay Ascii, the group founded by Prodigy, died this month. It's current leader, Konami, cited the "decline of members and the decision of the senior staff [to disband]" as the reason for Odelay's demise. meatpod, former senior staff member, has offered to keep the group going if the artists are still interested. Former Odelay members or new prospects can reach him at

Noname Ascii, the famous long-dormant group run by Cain, was brought back to life to compete in the ascii rat race. Many ex-Noname members rejoined the group to release a pack in April, and a May pack is in the works. In addition, Bugsy (aka mHz) will be releasing the contents of his ascii "label," EP, in future Noname packs.

In a bit of late news, Nahal, formerly of Noname Ascii, AWE Lettering, rejoined the ascii scene last month and then seemingly quit again. Go figure.

Homo Ascii, the sardonic and satirical group owned by meatpod, Sargon, Discyple, Tzeentch, Computer Man, and Nahal, revived briefly this month, sans Computer Man, who chose to remain in Remorse, and Nahal, who just couldn't be found. However, after the pack was released, Tzeentch quit the group and it was later killed by Sargon. At the time this brief was written, Sargon was not available for comment.

Grill Ascii, run by Martyr, and one of the groups that long ago merged into the supergroup known as Serial Ascii, was revived this month by. The group released a fourth pack and is looking good.

Click, Kayozz's group, received a new senior, Brass (aka Afrocreep), this month. In addition, Discofunk 1974, who quit the scene a little while back, in the midst of a scandal related to his photograph, has returned to the scene and is helping Kayozz run The Click.

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