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  march 1998

31 Mar
Okay, this is it People! THE ACHERON ART COMPETITION! In an attempt to get people drawing again, has organised a massive art competition, spanning ANSI, ASCII, RIP and HIREZ. If you'd like to enter the compeition, then by all means to the competition info page.

We also need judges, so if you'd like to judge the entries, then email us.

23 Mar
PBreaker, after being in the scene for 3 years, has decided to leave the scene and venture forth into the world.. Read all about it at

17 Mar
Something of interest to some of you came across my 'desk' today.. A guy is working on something called vANSIPro -- a new ANSI drawing package in the works , and needs artists to do intro screens and what have you.. For more information, go to this url:

16 Mar
Tommi's tattoo As a part of Tomppa's American tour, (which began on the west coast where he stayed a couple of weeks with Rad Man,) he's now working in the Midwest with me, CatBones. Tomi has been doing some tattoo design work at the shop I operate in central Missouri.

Tomppa1 of ACiD hiREZ sat in the chair last night getting the first 4 hours out of aproximately 6 hours work.. his first tattoo fills his upper arm/shoulder, it's a terrific "joint" design incorporating some of Tomppa's famous fish and some realistic 'Catbones style' ocean background.

We'll finish Tomppa's tattoo next week, before he goes on to Delaware as the next part of his American tour, to stay with Vengeance/ACiD.

Catbones and Tomppa1

Will Tomppa end up a tattoo artist himself? Ask him. I think he's asking himself. =)

A note of interest:
Tabaqui/ACiD, Bedlam/ACiD, Sprite/iCE, iCTo/previously-affil'd-w/ACiD, and Tomppa1/ACiD all wear bodyart by me now. =)


11 Mar
Trackers wanted! for a tracking group called P0T (Pieces of Tragedy) Anyone interested that does computer music email it's at least worth looking into.

08 Mar
Legion finally released with what was a blistering pack. Theknigght, Lord Jazz (oned), and others contributed their ansi skills to make this a worthy introduction to the scene.. I can't wait for the second one..

04 Mar / Blender # 60 Mishap!

Thanks to great promotion through word-of-mouth and the two premier scene web resources - Scenelink and Acheron - dozens of people showed up to participate in tag-team Blender number 60. It got off to a bad start when it had to be started an hour late because, er, I didn't wake up until 5 pm 8). Still, people were waiting and ready for me, and the business of rules and establishing teams and choosing the words (bruce lee / procrastinating / iraq) was summarily taken care of.

And the task of spending five hours creating was up to the artists.

Due to ISP problems and prior commitments, I (Cthulu) was unable to remain on the IRC during the entire elapsing of the compo, but I made sure that it was clear to the artists that if I wasn't connected to instead send their entries to me attached to e-mail at

Shiver me timbers if I got back the next morning and found that I hadn't a single message in my box! What's worse, I haven't even recieved any late entries.

You know what this means? It's a free-for-all. Whichever entries are submitted (late) to me by March 7th become eligible for competition, whether they're on-topic or not... just because I haven't got anything else to release in the pack! So send something (anything) in and give your group a good chance at racking up a few points (placing by default) in the Blender rankings.

Also, Blender # 61 will be in #blender on the EFNet at 4:30 pm PST Sunday, March 8th. BE THERE!

04 Mar / SeNsE: Our Evolution(and a shameless plug :)

Earlier, I read and article from HeXD, one of my many partners in the art group sense. And We do need some international members.. Sense is striving and in the 8 months we have survived, seven packs have sucked. :) Members have dropped on and off, a majority of art was sloppy, and no-one took us seriously... But now, for package 8 which we will release this month, we want to welcome people to enter the new sense... If you are interested in joining us and helping out, visit our page, D/L our app generator, and submit it to me at SCRYE@HOTMAIL.COM..... Good luck...


in a scene, a community where there's supposed to be no skin tone, no prejudice of any kind, against anyone whether they be black, white, jewish, fat, thin tall, short, i have been made an outcast in the scene i once held dear to me. I have been slandered by many of the people i considered to be friends, who i actually thought i might be able to count on in a time of need. hexcorrupt, astrocreep, bugsy, serial2n, sargon, holocaust, revolve chrom. They all in a matter of a few days made me feel like someone who actuallmattered, to being someone frowned upon, I was made an outcast in my own community. Sure, i deserved it, but from the majority of the people listed it was unexpected. I considered most of those people friends at one point or another, so it made it extremly hard to take, especially since i gave 2 of the artists mentioned their big breaks in the scene. To the rest of you, i'd just like to say thanks. But i dont want to be a part of a scene where how big someone is dictates their popularity. I'm out.

and with this, i hearby resign as senior of odelay ascii, and any prior scene commitments are terminated.

discofunk 1974

04 Mar
This note was found on the floor in #ansi,
"Yes dangermouse I've moved on.. my new home is in #coders.. i love you #ansi.. bye" - quab

02 Mar echo is back (zhixel of echo.), coming soon.. like today, hopefully.


ascii news from pariah for march..

  • Odelay, Remorse, Karma, and Click all released this month.

  • After leaving Odelay for various reasons The Prodigy has re-joined. He will not put the packs together though. Konami is still in charge.

  • Meatpod has left his SS position in Odelay for unknown reasons.

  • Bugsy (aka mHz) released a new issue of Skills, his self published ascii emag. He released it as EP-001, marking the beginning of Extended Play, a "label" that ascii artists can release under instead of releasing in a group.

  • Hive, Dark's official ascii department will release seperately of the monthly Dark packs.

  • After a three month hiatus from the scene Noname is being revived. Specifics on the group are sketchy, but Cain has said that original members Haji, Polymorph, and The Prodigy have all re-joined.

  • Fire's ascii department is under new leadership, former oldschool senior Baphomet has taken over.

    -- Pariah

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