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  june 1998

28 June / BLACK MAIDEN @ FRANCE '98 (poti)
black maiden finally released book #17 - subtitled 'got a match?'. itīs all about the soccer world-championship in france. download it here.

Well I have updated the impulse web page today, and also released MY final version of impulse. I have handed impuse over to the very talented Judge Dredd, who will be continuing development. So keep your eyes open for great new things in the future, as well as a new web page layout. Thank you for all your support, its been a fun 6 months.

27 June / DVS/RCA DUAL RELEASE (evil e)
This is just a reminder to members of RCA and DVS that the dual release pack is going to be released on the 15th. All work for this pack should be sent to Starlord or myself by July 13th. Keep up the good work..Thanks

26 June / A CALL FOR RESURRECTION (2) (halaster)
As I'm sure many of you know, my attempts to revive the Regency as a dialup board failed miserably. I'm now hoping to have the opportunity to bring it back telnet-style some time in the next few months.

As an aside - the new version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer features a full-screen mode ... I feel like this is a *big* step forward in terms of making WWW viewing a more immersive experience. People shouldn't give up on the idea of a web-based environment that captured the best of the BBS!


PS: Apologies on the delay of fire33 .. it's probably at least 90% my fault.

PPS: I'm pretty detached from the scene, but I haven't forgotten you guys! :) E-mail is welcome, although I don't always have the ability to respond right away.

23 June / GUTTER TWO@! (filth)

gutter 2 is out, don't be a square go get it!@

23 June / P2 / RUNTIME & DEVIDE BY ZERO (crowe)
There is alot of talk still going on about this P2 Problem. There are actually 2 problems going on. 1. The Devide By Zero Problem which Radman as well as others have informed there is a patch for. The ttpatch, which seems to work on TURBO PASCAL programs. This is a fairly common bug and there are several solutions. 2. This second bug, the Runtime Error seems to be a bit smaller problem because it only affects a small percentage of dos bases apps. The tpppatch seems to fix some of those as well, but not all. I will use AdidView in my example. Whenver you try to run it, it will give you a runtime error. On the Klamath Processor you get the run time number ending with 91, however on a duechetts P2, its 89. It is related to the Pentium Pro Instruction code in the processor itself. P Pro's (P2's are simply p-pro's with ecc and mmx) were not meant to run dos based apps really, so we may have to concede this one to Intel and write 32 bit applications.

23 June / HRG #17 IS OUT! (shere khan)
PIZDEC. It's the name. It's Russian. It's obscene :) It's probably the most powerful word in the whole language. There's no rival for it in English, only some weak synonyms like armageddon :)

And the pack is as powerful as the name. See how strong our art is and try to resist its charm :) C'mon!

22 June / ICE JUNE NEWS (inazone)
This month, Ice is undergoing major restructuring and a renewed focus on ansi. Inazone (me) takes over for Kadaver as Ice ansi coordinator, and several faces long missing from the Ice ranks are back in action. Joining the hirez division this month are new artist Mads Vestor and The Knave (formerly of Acid), while Trauma is departing.

Keep your eyes open for lots more Ice news in the coming weeks!

19 June / REPLY TO P2 DOS POST (lord scarlet)
To my knowledge, the only problem with the P2 DOS programs can be fixed with a program called tppatch. It is available here:

18 June / P2 AND DOS BASED PROGRAMS (crowe)
This may seem a little off topic, but it is a major topic on irc lately. I myself have discoverd that most of the dos based Viewers, Loaders, and drawing programs that we all know and love WILL give you a RUNTIME ERROR on a Pentium 2 class processor. I work at PC-Systems and I tried the programs on 12 differnt P2 Systems with the same error. The past few days on irc, I have talked to several other people with the same problem. I sent e-mail to Radman about Acidview and Aciddraw, Bluedevil is telling the CIA coding team. Hopefully the rest of you will see this and we can adress the issue.


15 June / OUR FIRST PACK IS OUT! (etana)
Hallucigenia's premiere pack has been released,, weighing in at a grand total of 2.1Meg. If you don't wish to strain your modem, you can also view the contents of the pack--en total--at our website. Enjoy.

Defacto 2 Art Division has decided to refocus it's efforts to web requests only. This means we will not be accepting any new requests or non-web applications. This new move will enable us do most group web requests from a simple logo redesign to a complete webpage overhaul. We can do professional html, web graphics and designs. Plus we have people who can implement cgi, javascript, java, music and Flash. The best thing about this I feel is that our services are free to non profit scene groups.

Before we accept requests we feel we need more members to help take on the load. We are looking for people who can do quality html, quality web graphics, custom cgi, custom javascripts or custom java. If you want to be in the best scene web design group in the world why not fill out the online application that can found at our page. Our members previous web work include,, and of cause

About Defacto2: Defacto 2 started off as an electronic magazine for the scene community. After the demise of the magazine the website was transformed into a scene museum that is still maintained today. A day after new years 1998 Defacto 2 was relaunched and the Defacto 2 Art Division was formed. This division was created and designed to do free requests for individuals and groups in the scene. In the June of 1998 the Art Division refocused it's effort to non profit web requests. Defacto 2 is run by Ipggi, Antibody and Skateguy. It was founded by Ipggi and Saint Tok and can be found at

14 June / FOS #8 IS OUT! (inazone)
Fistful of Steel #8 is out now, with a special focus on the WWW and its effect on the artscene. In addition to ansi and hirez capsule reviews, 12 scene-related websites are reviewed. Also includes interviews with Sudden Death(cia) and Lady Blue(mist/rca), articles by Inazone and Tung Lo, and artist of the month Reanimator(legion).

13 June / REBIRTH IN THE MAKING (trauma)
Well now, Im sure you are all aware of the cosntant state of the ANSI scene. Its growing, its expanding with new artists, it's making a comeback. A comeback in which the scene will see the birth of many new future legends, a comeback in which iCE will turn heads. There have been complaints, discussions,and debates recently about iCE's ANSI division, and I am here to tell the world the story.

We at iCE have been rallying our artists this month proceeding a poor showing of quantity in our last pack. Our artists are pumped, the group is pumped. We have artists that don't even draw anymore gettin' back into the swing of things. iCE is sure to turn heads with its rejuvinated ANSI division. Be sure to look forward to July, a month that marks a revolution in ANSI, a month that let's iCE shine in all its glory - and take back what is rightfully ours.

12 June / *HUUURL* (filth)
fluor sure was a great guy. so how about everyone STOP DRAWING LIKE HIM. holly shit, after reviewing packs this month i've noticed that 45% of the fonts are fluor rip offs. your all making me sick.

12 June / FEVER SUCKS!@#* (eerie)
fever, your rant is dumb!!!!! i'm offended!!!!! take it out that site or i'll sue you!!!!!!! you suck!!!!!!! you're just trying to impeach us from our freedom of speech!!!!!!! you asshole!!!!!!!!!!! i'm not acting dumb at all!!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!

10 June / ALT.ART.HIREZ (atom)
Can't believe noones mentioned this, so i might as well. RadMan and Catbones have gotten the ball rolling and started a newsgroup for us hirez doodlers: Fire up your crusty newsreader, or goto or something and jun in the happy fun.

10 June / RANTERS RANT (fever)
I cant believe people will actually post a rant to this web page ranting about other peoples rants. I wont even state my opinion on the idea that people would rant about rants because then i would be ranting, i dont want to be another ranting hypocrite ranting about ranters.

10 June / 5 JULY, #SWEAWARDS (tas)
On the fifth of July 1998, around 00:00 CET (central european time), there will be the first swemag awards held in #sweawards.

There's 15 cathegories to win. The swemag awards will be held every 3 month after that. Please be there,


Oscar Karlsten aka The Absent Spinsister

10 June / WEBSPACE AT KAOZ.ORG (poti)
as there as still some groups and persons around which are looking for webspace (without any stupid banners and so on): could offer you some. please contact poti for more information.

10 June / BLENDER KOMBAT (dm)
Okay, the Info file is now fully online, so you can go and have look.. (off the main page). The registration form for the teams is also under the same section. Registrations have to be in before the 15th June!

Btw. Catbones has joined the ranks of judges, himself judging the hirez entries along with the rest of us (Thext, Thung Lo and myself).

10 June / ICE ANSI NEWS (inazone)
The Ice Ansi division will be seeing some reorganization in the near future, not to mention the return of some familiar faces! Even though it hasn't been advertised much, Ice is accepting applications for ansi artists, so stop by #ice or contact me directly ( for more details. Of course, Ice is also taking applications for other departments as well. ;)

P.S. If you get in, you too can "toot your own horn" like our good friend Jekyll over at Acid -- not only is he a "stunning" artist, but undoubtedly modest and charming as well!

Blender Kombat now caters for HIREZ artists, and as many teams per group as people like. Look for the new rules and info file soon under the blender section off the main page..

06 June / JEKYLL JOINS ACiD! (jekyll)
a new stunning VGA artist (16) has just joined ACiD ... you can check his art at: send comments to: :)

04 June / BLENDER IS BACK! (dangermouse)
That's right, Blender is back, and it's better than ever. The rules are basically the same, each team from a group being given three words to draw upon.

This time though, Blender has gone tournament style, "BLENDER KOMBAT". Each group's team competes against another via matches, until the winner is found. Each match will be held each week, over a period of 8 weeks.

The first Blender will be very soon, so keep your eyes on and the #ansi & #ascii channels for dates. If you'd like any more info, either goto the blender page off the main page or email us.

fire 33

04 June / FIRE 33 OUT SOON! (dangermouse)
God Among Lice has confirmed that Fire 33, Fire's last pack, could be released within the next few weeks. This pack should be full of great art from there current and past members, as well as many guest releases.

02 June / FUNCTION RELEASES (quip)
Function pack #2 is out! Please download f(x) right now!

ps. It would be REALLY nice if you had a link on your news page to let somebody submit news. Scenelink has figured it out, but Acheron hasn't. [ed note: try the 'submit' option on the sidebar :>]

02 June / TX A SHAME TO ZENITH (dieznyik)
The release of Zenith's debut pack was a welcome suprise for me, containing some excellent pics and decent fonts. One large blemish has served to cast a black cloud over the entire group: Toons Xillion. His rants are unappropriate for a pack; keep that shit to the magazines! More than that, he must take us all for a bunch of fools. Following a few maestro-esque minimally coloured fonts and a clear chromatik bite (complete wiff a little circle for the title), his whines and complains about the lack of good response to his 'epic' (which i have personally not seen... but i'm dissin' his involvement in zenith here =). in any case, i conclude that anyone who has followed the scene for a while will not become hoodwinked by this feller. and some advice for the zenith crew... why let this guy make me annoyed enough to write in to acheron? time for some kikkin! tXillion is a clear bitah.

02 June / INFUSION BBS SOFTWARE (skaboy101)
infusion board software, most advanced and configurable system to date. every thing is external, sysop can even create their own infusion interfaces or "hard themes" which are basically interface menusets (consist of init, waiting for caller screen, local online screens, exit, etc, etc). all editable, even the x/y pos and color data.

infusion is truly giving the scene a kick in the ass. tons of art and interfaces are getting done, and i will soon have many hard themes available for download on the page.

02 June / AVENGE #5 RELEASED (zeus II)
the Avenge ansi pack #5 is out, and so is Avengeview, get them both from our homepage, which by the way is entirelly remade for this months pack.

Lots of art is featured, and also an exclusive: the whole plan for avenge's future. Don't miss it!

01 June / ZENITH RELEASES (dangermouse)
Zenith, the art group founded by egotec and taintedx, has hit the scene in grand style, releasing a pack which many say rivals that of Legion. Hopefully taintedx or someone will have more to say about the Zenith release, and indeed there uprising in the the near future.. Look for there pack in the art gallery soon.

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