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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  july 1998

31 July / WANTED: CODERS! (Silver Rat)
Coders: tired of being underappreciated in the ANSI art scene? Well, he're a fun project you can start work on right away! I'm sure you've all heard the old saying that a million monkeys on a million typewriters, typing for a million years will someday reproduce the works of Shakespeare. I've oftened wondered if the same logic could be applied to the ANSI medium.

Here's your task, if you choose to accept it: code a Random Ansi Generator (I call them RAG's for short.) Use whatever fractal algorithms or tricks you have at your disposal. I will award a full-length ANSI (*drawn* by yours truely) to the coder of the RAG that produces the coolest randomly generated ANSI's. Obviously, I will not accept frauds that simply spit out an ANSI of someone else's art.

Send your entry's to: or contact me, SilverRat on #ans (EFnet.) The deadline to submit an entry is August 31, 1998.

Good luck and godspeed!

30 July / #ANSI (filth)
yeah, people bitch all the time about how fucking lame #ansi is. if anyone reads gutter, i'm sure you read my beef about #ansi. this is for all you stupid, ignorant, blind, senseless, selfish, assholes who call your self operators in #ansi. what the fuck is wrong with you idiots? i came into #ansi tonight, and only two single ops out of the 20+ ops drew ansi. #ansi has to be the dumbest oxymoron on irc. if your an ansi op in #ansi, your fueling the fire to the fall of the ansi scene. you should be shunned for letting nobodys, and hasbeens run #ansi.

ops in ansi, they are a discrace to the ansi artform. if your an op, and you don't like what goes on, take control. don't be subjected to hasbeens, or nobodys that draw vgas for their desktops.

if your too afraid to do anything, or don't want to be banned from #ansi, stop your fucking bitching.


29 July / ANSI ART WEEKLY (maestro)
Ansi Art Weekly is a new e'zine (non coded) with some fresh ideas and concepts that is set to launch in the month of august. if you are interested in getting involved please email maestro.

25 July / THE FOS #9 FIASCO (inazone)
If you're an avid FOS reader (or even a first-time reader), you probably noticed something lacking in issue #9, which released on July 18th: articles. If you read the introductory paragraph(s), you should notice that I mention that I'm leaving for a week to go camping and "running late" to say the least. When I compiled the contents and artwork to send to our intrepid coder, I was painfully aware of the lack of articles and other content. But deadlines came and went, and with my schedule and a lack of outside submissions, FOS #9 released with about half the usual contents.

For this I apologize. Not that I should have to, mind I'm sure other emag/zine editors will tell you, nobody is forcing them to release on time. If you like reading reviews, you will like FOS #9. If you like reading interviews with people in different areas of the artscene, you should also like it. Hell, I even added the first-ever FOS product report. These are the things that people ask for! But by the time reviews were done for some of the late-breaking packs, I simply had no time to write more articles. Had I waited until after my week-long vacation, all the reviews would have been outdated and worthless. And REVIEWS, dear reader, are what people have asked for.

I encourage you to get FOS #9 at your local retailer (it's free, as always) if you read emags to learn something and read other people's opinions. If you want the sheer volume of articles and editorials like that of past issues, look for FOS #10 in a won't be disappointed.

inazone/fos editor-in-chief

24 July / MORE FLARE NEWS (klumzee)
I know you're ALL tired of hearing news reports on flare!ansi, my little group that just released, and many of you ( i hope heh heh) have read that i decided to quit the scene, infact i had quit the scene, until i returned to #ans for a brief period of time to discover that i had supporters, honorable mention to taintedx and filth for convincing me to stick it out with flare, and i plan to, and if i have to, i'm going to make flare a solo project. This is how much newfound dedication i have to this group thanks to tnt and filth. So no, i've decided i'm staying to draw more blocks.

Promising to be more than a one-pack wonder, Hallucigenia's July release is out! It is fully viewable online at our website or downloadable as (2.4Meg)

23 July / ANSSRV ON #ANS (lord scarlet)
For those of you who journey into #ans, you may have noticed a new bot.. ansSRV.. for those of you who used #ansi in the good ol' days, it may be remeniscent(sp?) of RNDsrv.. well.. it's meant to be. ;) it's a file serving bot.. to access it, just type !packs in #ans.. please, group leaders, or whoever distributes your packs, dcc the packs to ansSRV as soon as they come out.. this should turn into a great means for distributing packs..

23 July / FLARE #1 RELEASED (klumzee)
Flare #1 has been released 8 days the news file and info file to find out can download flare #1:

22 July / IS THIS THE NEWS SECTION? (dieznyik)
About 10 months ago when I said I was going to have little to do with the scene but that I would still be drawing... well... I meant it. I didn't drop out, I didn't stop, I didn't lose interest. I'm still here; still kickin'. But don't expect me to grace you all with my artistic presence. I do ansi for myself and no one else... oh, and here's a laugh for some people... there are a few out there that think the old 'hey! i just saw your last ansi in pack x, its really good!' trick is NOT gonna get you a request. Has the scene really gotten this naive?

About two weekends ago 40 sceners got together in the 416 (dark territory) for a wonderful night of art, games, booze, and dope... Our host was Xypher Matryx of DARK, and the place featured special guest QUIP, all the way from Vancouver! Rumours of a second and more private meet are in the works for this very weekend as QUIP comes back from his tour of the 519 area code (function territory). I plan on showing up =).

Although I am currently a transient, I can always be reached at Peace.

21 July / TO TNA (quip)

Since I don't know your email, I'll reply here.

First of all, I didn't go parading around telling the whole art scene that you blatantly stole two artists from my group. You have jumped to that conclusion, however, and made me look bad. Thanks.

Secondly, I was given this impression by the way Fluor was talking. He told me that you emailed a whole bunch of people about Awe to see if they would join - I argued that a more admirable approach would be to release in infopack (such as the one that Function did, a month before it released its first pack.) Some have strongly agreed with me, and obviously others have not. To each his own.

"But we wanted to take the SECRETIVE approach"

It's been done, and Zenith did it well. Why not bring all the attention you can possibly get to your group instead? It seems as if it would be a more likeable manner to make your group strong.

I don't want to wage war over this, because I have a lot of respect for you and your group. I am pleased to know that the two artists I was referring to, Samurai and Kleenex, have not left Function (and like you said, you don't even know that Kleenex is really in Awe FOR SURE.) Menace, however, has completely abandoned Function, for the second time, and joined Awe. He won't get a third chance.

In conclusion, let's keep this at a truce, okay? =)

20 July / TOXIX LEAVES DIVINE (klumzee)
Toxix, former divine founder left flare!ansi earlier this week, i just thought i should inform the general public because well i'm running flare alone now, hehe...i don't know what to call it, he didn't really leave, i didn't really boot him, but needless to say, he's not a member anymore.

BTW we are still releasing flare #1 on august 1st, and i am still looking for more members, again email me at for more info and to join. (Send some works if you want to join.)

20 July / GUTTER 03!! (filth)
Having troubles at home? are kids at school trying to peer pressure you into doing things you don't like? are you confused about girls? we at gutter understand. download gutter 3 today, and it will help lead you into the right direction.

19 July / #ANS (maestro)
#ans has been up and running now for over 8 months. the channel comes complete with bots, mature ops, zany users, great conversation and a mailing list that everyone who hangs out in the channel is encouraged to subscribe to.

I (maestro) started the channel because i was sick of all the bullshit that went on in that other channel. most of the people that are making a difference in the scene today hang out in the loved #ans regularly so you probably won't ever see anyone bitching about ansi being dead. the name of the channel derives from the commonly used file name extension used when saving an ansi graphic. #ans is a public channel open to anyone that is a fan of ansi art!

The new Avenge website went online this last week. Designed from scratch by myself(spot) with graphic contributions from tweed(ACiD) and The Knave(iCE). The site is updated daily with news, releases, and member list changes. Check it out at (domain returning soon)

17 July / SAGA ^3 (ellisdee)


16 July / DISTANT PACK #1 RELEASED! (platoonim)
After four month's of eating banana bread and generally doing nothing, distant released their debut pack!@#! You can grab the pack at this distant woo! And for a special prize - is craving for a smurf really bestiality??

15 July / DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK (mindcrime)
guess what folks? blade productions has finally gotten around to releasing a brand spankin' new pack of wholesome artistic goodness! it's our first in ten months! go get it!

also available at and

I review VGA packs for Operation Rescue, and would like to request for groups that want their packs reviewed, send me an email ( telling me where to get their packs,or if the pack is under a meg in size, to just attach it to the email. This makes it alot easier for me =)

13 July / FLARE #1 TO BE RELEASED (klumzee)
Flare!ansi, the new ansi only group brought to you by former divine members klumzee and toxix are set to release their first pack august 1st. We ARE accepting new members at the moment and would appreciate if you are interested in joining that you email me (klumzee) at An appgen is in the works btw, just not done being coded yet. =]

12 July / 410 ART GROUP (beverly guillermo)
Introduction to a new group in the 410 ac - aspire is a bunch of local artist "inspired" by the great artists of the past and new artist of the future. Check out their premiere pack:

11 July / AWE LETTERING (tna)
We wanted to keep this secret for a few more weeks, but it seems like way too many people have been talking. So i just decided to make this public now. We are bringing AWE back, but will only be releasing September 1st, just so i can have the time to invite people and also because i need time to draw another of my member listings, which people really seem to like btw. :)

Also, i've heard things about us stealing members from other groups. Actually, it was pretty much Quip saying that i stole Samurai and Kleenex from Function. I just wanna say that first of all, they were both AWE Members a month ago, so i wouldn't call that stealing (and as far as i know, i never forced anyone to join) and also that i have no idea if Kleenex joined cauz he still haven't replied my email. So Kleenex, if you read this, email me! :)

So this is it. We're back now. But I'm still going to keep the member listing secret for now. :)

Also, I just wanna thank people on Fluph for giving me the force of starting this again. You guys rule. :)

09 July / FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE (creator)
Knocturnal is no longer a leader of avenge. He has taken his leave from the group to follow his future doing fonts for a group that has yet to go public with there plan. Knocturnls leave has in no way effected Avenge, infact Avenge is working on releasing one of its best packs up to date with members such as Stoned Amnesia former SAGA leader and Crimson Skye former Spastic/ACiD artists producing.

09 July / BLADE? (anonymous)
Quite typical of blade to try to turn backing down to their favor... guess what, it didn't work mindcrime... your stupid childish comments didn't make any of us think that you're tougher, we know what panseys you all are. so I guess it turns out that CIA OWNS BLADE, but I guess we've known that all along, right? and btw, you're never getting dark entity's mom's number... cia members only.

08 July / SINGING SCENERS (anonymous)
There are rumors about disill and tna staying up all night and recording wav's where you can here both of them singing.

08 July / 1000 LINE ANSI? (lost soul)
1000 line multi-group scen-wide ansi - Uprise formally invites any and all groups to join in on get a list of groups already participating or to get the guidelines for this email lost soul at or check me out on irc in #uprise on efnet..nick is l_s.

08 July / BLADE STILL OWNS CIA (mindcrime)
Blade officially declines the CiA Blender Kombat challenge unless we get a formal letter of participation from Napalm. Oh, and oral sex from Mr. Muff.

And a letter from Chromatik denying the existance of god.

And a used bong from Mister E.

And the original computer that ran Illegal Embassy.

And Dark Entity's mother's phone number.

And one 600 line Spawn ansi from Tempus Thales...

and I think that's it. Thanks!

08 July / CIA #54 RELEASED (dangermouse)
Cia pack #54 has been released.. You can get your copy here.

07 July / BK: ICE DEFEATS PLF (thext)
iCE: 85.5/120
Poffelipoff: 75/120

iCE wins this match. Obviously, what made a difference in this match was the respect of the themes, Poffelipoff's entry only taking one of the three words into account.

Results for the Mist/Dark2 match are still pending..

06 July / AWARDS 98 (dangermouse)
I and a few others are organising Awards 98, and are interested in hearing all serious comments about when it should be put on, what should be awarded, and what the awards should be for..

We're basically looking at the same format that has been used in previous years, as it seemed to work quite well. That is an irc based event, where people vote, enter competitions, and play trivia games, all over a period of two days.

If anyone has any suggestions on events and prizes (if you can offer one), then by all means email us. This should go off..

06 July / AWARDS 98? (pariah)
Who's thinking of putting Awards '98 together? Whoever it is, if they're serious it'd be a great idea. Form a panel of judges in each medium to nominate the artists and then open the voting booths. It'd be nice to do it this summer since most people have more time for the scene during the summer.

05 July / BEAM 1 RELEASED (poti)
A new emag by kyp and shine (both: black maiden) is out now. download it here. for more information take a look at the black maiden homepage.

05 July / iCE JUNE PACK OUT (the knave)
The new iCE pack has been released for June of 1998. Check it out at*.zip or @

05 July / CiA CHALLENGES BLADE (anonymous)
CiA is putting forth a formal challenge to Blade to a Blender Kombat. Tune in for more information later. CiA 4 Life

04 July / MIST JUNE PACK OUT (cthulu)
In other related news, the mistigris june pack is now out. go and pick it up today, or I will feast on your first born child.

04 July / ANSI TEAM LEADER WANTED (cthulu)
Well-established (4 years old), multidisciplinary group seeks SM ansi artists to join our ramshackle collective of more than forty ansi-deficient computer artists and perhaps to lead an ansi department based on the part-time ansi artists we already have and a new recruitment blitz.

Side benefits: active group channel (#mist on EFNet,) rich historical legacy, strong community and all the lit you can shake a stick at.

Pets, smoker okay. No child pr0n please. Send resume and photograph to: (Cthulu / Mistigris founder.)

Artists of all other mediums accepted too.

04 July / AWARDS 98!.. ? (dangermouse)
Awards 98 has been considered to be put on this year, sometime around the end of the year. If you think its a good idea, have any suggestions or indeed want to mention someone worth being a nominee for a 'prize' then by all means email us.

03 July / THE KNAVE JOINS ICE! (the knave)
Former ACiD artist, The Knave, joins iCE in June for a release of new abstract pieces with a unique and twisted style. This style adds a nice 2D dimension to the primarily 3D-based group. Check out the work:

03 July / FUNCTION PACK #3 (quip)
Function has released its third art pack for July 1998. Please click on the filename to download: f(x) (112k). Check out our web site at as well!

03 July / DARK RELEASES (atom)
Throw yer weight around and leech the Fatty Pack, darks reentry into bimonthly packs. Damn, hand me a cheesburger, i need to put on some weight...

02 July / BLENDER KOMBAT (dangermouse)
The Dark and Purg match (27th June) was won by default by Dark's Fatty Five team, as none of the Purg members showed up.

The first preliminary match between iCE and Plf has also taken place, with the results to follow. The match had to be shortened to a 3-hour version, due to the stuff up that saw it originally posted some time earlier that week.

In are minder, Independence Day (July 4th) sees the match between match between Dark's Team Tubby and Mistigris' Macquerel team.

02 July / CALL TO .RIP ARTISTS (lord scarlet)
This is to all rip artists out there. I'm looking for vector graphic artists, which is virtually what rip is. but this would be in a program such as adobe illustrator or macromedia freehand. it would be a great help to find someone to do work for flash pages, hopefully within the scene. for an example of what i mean, go to

02 July / SOULS #1 RELEASED!! (nstalkie)
the first souls pack has been released. souls is a .rip only group ... be sure to check it out.

01 July / WOEZINE #6 IS OUT!@# (klumzee)
Woezine #6, courtesy of Wasted Obfuscated Evolution!Modding is out! Get your copy at issue has interviews from various key scene members, such as maestro(legion), creator(AvengeCult) and Taintedx(Zenith) well as modding, scene news, and the ever growing article section of the mag.

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