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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  september 1997

·The Knight, one of the founding members of Fuel, has recently said he might be stepping down from Ansi Department head. He'll still be in the group, and still be doing ansi, but he just wants to take it easy for a while, taking a more relaxed approach..

"i'm just a drawer from now on i guess" -- TK

·Burps, tk's partner in crime, has left the scene for good. Zeus II and Thrasher will be taking the reigns of the group, and say that look for a kickass fuel in the future.. woo!

·Blade, the group thats been around since early 1994 (up to pack 43), might be closing its ranks to the Ansi scene very shortly, but it is unknown if or when it will happen. Apparently, Mindcrime is just sick of running it, and might be starting up a Web Company called interrupt 13 with fellow Blade muso grymmjack.

·Captain Hood has closed down his BBS Pirahna. The telnetable art scene board had been up since the start of the year. Captain Hood has said it might come back up, but for now is closed indefinitely.. Lack of users may have been a contributing reason..

·Siva and Decadence have merged forces. The Calibre thought the merge would be in the best interests of Siva, which was struggling. Creator's group will still retain its name, and the merge should produce some damn good art.

·Tourettes Electronic Scene-Zine goes into a coma this month when Mixelplik gets a new car. When and if it will ever be released again is still unknown.




Halaster is back to run fire's ansi dept after pack 30, nail just doesn't have the time anymore. [true]

Hennifer quits the scene, but is still in lazarus as the founder. [true]

Radman has a baby, well not really, his girlfriend did.. :) [true] -- but in july

Decadence is also going to die, Creator is going to kill the group after the next pack.. [false]

Blade is going to die.. [true]

Shaft has tottally quit the scene, reason yet unknown.. [false]

Burps and The Knight are stepping down from their senior posies next month.. (still being in fuel of course!) [true]

Apparently TNA is leaving the scene and AWE altogether. Fluor, Disycle and a few others will apparently run the group in TNA's absence. [false] -- Why the hell would I leave my own group?! - TNA

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