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  june 1997 (lit)

So you ppl are starving for information on the lit scene eh? Well Good news and bad news this month. Turns out that "Phear" , "Mang", and "Trew Dat" are all actual werds. Go figure. :)

As you know, last month we announced that a lit server would be online at and we have great news, its FINALLY UP!!! is up and we will have the anon ftp server for lit/art paks very soon. Free web pages are also available for any groups who need space.

And to quote danger mouse "nothing like spicy news".

Spicy it is. I left Codine to join up with Blade. Everyone asked me why me, an avid promoter of the lit scene left an all lit group for one that is multi media, well the thing is, noone in codine did much else except put paks out. Blade has been a wonderful channel to hang in and they all seem to have multiple projects going. Codine is still a great lit group, its just not for me.

Also in Blade news, The 40th Pak is out. Get excited. Mindcrime was less than enthused with this awesome pak. Course, he's done it 40 times, and I've only released with them for the first time. You do the math.

Old Skewl groups Candelabra and Toe tried to make a comeback, but they just couldn't pull it together. Julian Left the scene after selling his machine to take his girlfriend on a date. Who knows with TOE.

Cenobite Bites the dust as well. Their fearless leader suddenly developed a case of real life and Cenobite falls with the rest.

The underground Zine Scene is thriving. Check out the New issue of Scross of Serenia, Vol 1 Issue 5 is out and look for Vol 2 issue 1 Soon!

A semi unrelated tid bit. I'm putting up an online RPG with a very interactive story line written by me! So check it out at my home site if you get time (we need artits too!) Shame less plug!

Until Next time. "We all die, but I just don't wan't to go out the way that poor bastard did."

-- The "Unf Unf" Crowe

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