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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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january 1997

pOt, has blessed the art scene with its pressence, and their first pack is exspected to be released in early february

eXclusive productions has also joined the scene as of this month, founded by Creator, co-founded by Magnetic Rage & Azrael.. Check out their page in the links..

serial has joined the scene, it is a merger between polyester, simple and grill. tk is reportedly one of many seniors..

another new arrival releasing this month are csf, debuting with exactly four artists drawing.. though the quality is not iCE, with about year of practise they should do ok.. (remember the first acid pack?!) one artist however, by the name of arcanjo daemon looks like he converts hi-rez pics to ansi.. not good man.. they stand out like rGt at a star trek convention :)

acid!ansi dispanded.. napalm death has started a new group called lead which will debut early march..

eden has joined the scene is grand style with their first pack. The lame ass dickhead of the year award must go to one (now) ex-eden artist by the name of Dee-Jay. A finnish ansi/ascii artist by the name of Jab, upon viewing the first eden pack, was suprised to find around 70% of Dee Jay's asciis were rips of his own. The eden founder rexazy, upon learning of this sacrilidge, has kicked Dee Jay from the group.. Dee Jay has reportedly been quoted as saying "I don't care", as if he takes breaking all known copyright law as lightly as walking down the street..

the group plain decided to change it's name to echo, and have just released their january pack

other new groups debuting this month are aif (art in fuck), vinyl ascii, toxic prouctions, and a small group by the name of wack.

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