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You're looking at the last static copy (1999) of, more recent but partial copies exist in the wayback machine. This site is online out of nostalgia and because of it's historic content, an up to date ANSI/ASCII art archive is available from

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  february 1997

the group girl has hit the scene with a pack full of ansis. the name can be attributed to nine lives, who gave narcolept, the groups' leader, the idea.

on february 9th/10th girl died after only releasing one pack! oh well..

info file for network 97 was released by its organiser dieznyik. the competition is thrusted at the ansi scene in general, meaning submissions can be for anything and by anyone.. two catergories exist, pictures and logos.. over the next month or so, you can create logos or pictures that you feel is your best work, or even submit a recent piece of work. the competition will be drawn on april 18th, and all submissions go to dieznyik

sodium officially disassociated himself with the acrylic weekly emag, after 9 issues at the helm of the popular mag.. rumours persist that new issues will be returning to the scene.. but will it be the same?

rile is back on the scene, headed by flame..

rippings of the month!

let's applaude ira - (international radical artists), for also joining the art scene... it is however rumoured that nd and skatter were behind the great ripping skills shown throughout every ansi within the pack - have a look at DNG-7.ANS amoung others, one pic didn't have the acid header taken off the top! :) possibly the best fake pack of the year(!)..

my fellow mouse, mighty mouse has found a ripper! yes, the slasher of rage arts decided he liked napalm's (cia) background on one of his ansis so much, he promptly used it in his own production.. oh well.. YOU GOT CAUGHT!

avenger of tcp rips criminal enigma of cia/force.. his logo for force's world hq, temple, was changed into a 'the celestial prophets' logo..

poison/sip rips rorshack/maiden..


official piece of bullshit for the month from good old text: ice has merged with acid :)

shade is now officially dead, with dfuse and phlare deciding they'd had enough..

eclipse is merging with echo..

aile productions has joined the scene.. (name sounds familiar for some reason.. dunno why :>)

hyper space releases their first pack on

sinister x's avail hit the scene, with members like empty, white trash and tX in their, there a group to watch out for..

other goups joining the scene: acid meltdown, dna or digital nightmare artists, infinite..

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