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august 1997


26th August: XTREME RIPS ACHERON.. Upon my adventures of the web, I came across this little beauty: Ok, we know what some artists resort to ripping other peoples art, but I haven't seen to many web designers completely ripping off another web site.

acheron rip acheron rip

The list of rips is:

  • Whole design basically.
  • Dividebar at bottom (dividebarsml.jpg) and red arrow (arrow.jpg), yes actual files.
  • Colour Hex code! -- what are the chances of that.

    There are probabally way more I missed, but yeah.. who cares.. This is more of a compliment than a slander, he/she liked acheron so much.. THEY RIPPED IT.. haha.. oh well, lamer..

    NB: Actual sub pages contain rips, main page is rip free (and looks better anyway in my opinion!). (pages mentioned are the older non-java acheron layout).


    news from Crowe

    Its newz time already???

    In the Short time since last time you tuned in, alot of shakin up has been going on. It is summer time after all.

    This time of year is often a time when people seem to get tired of the scene, probably because they get to spend more time there, school being out and all. Us old skewel peeps who've been out of school for a while and dredge through the 9-5 racket don't get burned so fast :)

    This month brings some Shattering newz for alot of groups!

    The Blade Nation Lost long time seniors Oxidizer and Cappacino, a major loss in my opinion. I myself Resigned from the ranks to work on more indipendant projects. Blade makes a quick comeback and is getting ready for a new pack.

    Scenelink Opened its doors with the first full release of there Scene mag. Nice job there fellas, keep recruiting!

    Mistigris Is about to celebrate their 3 year anniversary in October, There looking for Art/Lit and anything you want to guest for the Big 3 year blow out pack.

    CIA is also celebrating a huge landmark pack, CIA #50.. Check out there web page for details on how you can win and be a part of this huge release! All people Past-Present-Future invited!

    #Ansi news! The ever popular Ansi channel is again in turmoil. Wizy is launching a campaign to help revive the scene and do some good with the dying #ansi. What he had to say about it is in the articles section.

    Well, if thats not enough newz.. Send me some! E-mail me at


    other news

    11th August: is now out.. woopy..

    6th August: Hamster Ereet begins web page. Temporary page is at Final version will be held at

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