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  april 1997 (ascii)

This month was fairly uneventful for the ascii scene.

Noname released their final pack (NONBYE10.ZIP) and later revealed that the mysterious KWEST was in fact a invite-only continuation of Noname.

With the release of the Remorse pack (RMRS-10.ZIP) it was discovered that the once labeled "Ascii Prodigy" Atombomb was in fact a ripper, who had ripped everything from his "atomic" sig to all of his pics (from various ex-iCE/ACiD artists). He was promptly kicked out of Remorse and an investigation as to his identity is being conducted.

Aphro, the group that everyone seemed to hate died after its founder left.

Odelay released their new pack (ODELAY08.ZIP).

Fire!a released for the second time under my leadership (FIRE!A02.ZIP).

Serial released their third pack (SERIAL03.ZIP) and Comic!Ascii also released (Filename Unknown).

Out of all these groups the only true contenders are really Remorse, Kwest, Serial and to an extent Fire!a.

The Vintage Oldschool Compo has become a success, with the recent support of mHz and Whodini. Two "drawoffs" between the prodigy and sargon and pariah and sargon took place this month, the Prodigy losing and Pariah winning.

Necromancer announced that all dualers would be removed from Remorse (with the exception of group founders/coordinators).

1981.irc, Remorse's humorous irc script has become a wanted item of all hardcore ascii artists.

Tyrone Emag, an all-ascii emag effort by empty and several high ranking members of the ascii scene (myself, discyple, cain, sargon, polymorph, necromancer etc..) seems very promising to be the only coded all-ascii emag that all can agree to.

Lastly Miasma proves to be twice the hardcore oldschool ascii elitist than was previously thought with his colly (MICOLLY1-2.ANS) which he says "r0x your bawlz".

Thats it.. stay tuned next month for more unexciting ascii scene news.

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